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Makeup Tips for Deep Set Eyes

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Deep set eyes are one of the best eye shapes for makeup. Here are some amazing makeup tips to help accentuate the eyes and make it stand out.

Use Eyeshadow Primer

The last thing you want is faded eye makeup, especially for deep set eyes. People that tend to have deep set eyes are more prone to smudging and fading due to sweating. Keep your eye makeup intact by dabbing on some eyeshadow primer. Primer is also great for keeping the eyeliner from smudging. This makeup trick really works for people that have dry skin and are acidic.

Cover Up Dark Circles

Keep the focus of your makeup in your eyes not your dark circles. Completely cover up unwanted dark circles with concealer. Apply your concealer in a right triangle shape, instead of a half moon. This helps blend the foundation better. Deep set eyes create shadows that make dark circles more prominent.

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Apply moisturizer all over the face and let it dry before applying any primer. Moisturizers will help lock in the makeup and prevent it from fading quickly. Skin that is moisturize absorbs make up more than dry skin. This will also prevent the cracking and cakey-look.

Applying Light Eyeshadow All Over The EyeLids, Make Eyes Appear Less Deep Set

Take an eyeshadow brush and dip it in light or white eyeshadow. Swipe the brush gently on your eyelid and remove excess eyeshadow under the eyelid. Light eye shadow will push the eyelids forward like highlights. Don’t overdo it though, eyeshadow that is too light can look messy and out of place.

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Inner Corner

Apply white eyeliner on your inner eye corner to create the tear drop effect and blend it to your eyeshadow and eyeliner. Doing this will help push the eyes forward.

Dark Colors

Apply dark color eye shadow in the outside corner of your eyes only. This will help contour the eyes and give focus on the middle of the eyes. You can still pull off a smoky eye, just focus dark colors on the side outer corners. You can combine two different eye shadows for more dimension. Just be careful with some smoky eye makeup, it can make deep set eyes look bruised.


Pick an eyebrow shape that compliments your deep set eyes. Balance out eyebrow and eyelid space by removing excess hair. An eyebrow arch instead of a straight shaped eyebrow is better for deep set eyes. This gives deep set eyes a more relaxed and warming appearance.

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Avoid placing dark color on your crease. This will make your eyes look more deep set and tired. Apply dark color in the outer corners only. If you plan to apply dark eye shadow above the crease, blend, blend and blend to get a marvelous result.

Skip The Eyeshadow And Use Eyeliner

Apply eyeliner on the lower and upper eye line and try to get close to the water line as possible. You can use dark eyeshadow as an eyeliner for a more subtle look. You can use gel and liquid liner to create more drama and emphasize to your eyes. Applying thick eyeliner is great for deep set eyes, it makes it appear brighter and smoldering.

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Make sure that your foundation base hides your dark circles and discoloration in the eyes. Not applying a good base can ruin the whole look. Make sure to set the foundation with loose powder to prevent smudging from mascaras and eyeliners.


Finish your eye makeup with strong top lashes. Create long, thick and beautiful lashes with mascara. Make sure to separate the lashes with a mascara brush to prevent clumping.

False Eyelashes

You can apply false eyelashes on your top lash line to add more drama to the eyes. Apply mascara first, then apply the false eyelashes and apply another coat of mascara. Now, curl the eyelashes upward to make the eyes look brighter.

The trick when it comes to deep set eyes is drama! Deep set eyes are perfect for high fashion and dramatic makeup. Experiment with your makeup look and create one that you think compliments your eyes and your face. Carry yourself with confidence and rock that look.

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