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5 Eyebrow Mistakes You Should Avoid

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Don’t even think of picking up those tweezers or doing something to your eyebrow. Not until you read these eyebrow mistakes you’re making.

Let’s find out what those mistakes are and how to avoid them.

1. Tweezing Before Showering

The hot water in the shower may loosen up your hair follicles and eyebrows may likely slip out as you wash. This will have an effect on your newly-plucked brows.

2. Over-plucking

Experts recommend plucking your eyebrow once every 3 weeks at best. Doing this will make your brows look more even. Your face will not frame well with over-plucked brows. And full eyebrows are currently in trend right now and is showing no signs of fading out.

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3. Ignoring Your Natural Arch

Brows have that natural arch, whether is is defined or slight. The best thing to do is to enhance where your arch naturally occurs, than making a new arch along your brows.

To tell where your natural arch is, check where your brow peak on the top side. Using a highlighting pencil, trace the top side of your brows, then do the same to the bottom side. Make sure the arches line up.

4. Overusing Your Eyebrow Pencil

Doing a few strokes using an eyebrow pencil can make your brows well-defined and gorgeous. Choose a brow pencil that is a shade lighter than your eyebrows. Then use light strokes to shade patchy areas, to trace the natural shape of your brows. Always remember, your goal is to shadow not draw in your brows.

5. Not Consulting a Brow Professional

Brow professionals can help you find the natural shape of your brow, and give you helpful tips and guidelines. So if you’re not sure how your brow will look, you over-plucked and made a mistake plucking, it is best to consult a professional.

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