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Save Time with These Beauty Tips

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Have you always struggled with time management in the morning? Do you tend to struggle with the decision to get a proper breakfast or get ready in the morning? As much as we all hope that we have more time in the morning, the truth is we are required to do so many things as soon as we wake up. Fixing our beds, getting out stuff ready for work or school, being a parent, preparing breakfast, getting ready, applying makeup and most of the time we do not have enough time to do everything. One of the few things that we tend to rush is our beauty routine. Well, it does not have to be that way. You can do everything you want in the morning without sacrificing your time to get ready. No need to rush your mornings! All you need to do is to learn a few time saving beauty tips to get you through your day.

Getting the Right Cut and Color

Can you imagine how much time you have to save if you do not have to style your hair? Having hair that requires little to no styling in the morning is a great way to cut down on time and effort. Getting the right base for styling your hair is also a great way to cut down your styling time. Opt for hairstyles that are easily managed and does not require too much maintenance. Find haircuts that have a natural texture and require easy styling. This also goes for your hair color. Having the right color ads a lot of drama to your hair even without styling. Great hair color is also a great way to enhance your makeup and skin tone.  This can help cut down on your makeup time too.

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Clear the Table

You need to have a designated place where you apply your makeup and style your hair. This place should be clean and organize to help make you more efficient in the morning and save you time. Take away any makeup product you do not use every day and organize them somewhere else. This also goes the same for your heating tools, hair products, skin care products and makeup tools. Anything that can clutter your table, store it.  Lining up your items can also save you some time. Organize it in order of how you use them. Another de-cluttering idea you can try is to get an empty palette and customize it with your everyday makeup. This can help prevent you from having multiple makeup products on the table.

Quicker Blow Dry

Save time on your daily routine by blow-drying your hair quicker. Hair that is damp or contain a lot of moisture will take a long time to dry completely. You can help improve your time by making sure that you remove most of the excess moisture from the hair before starting to blow dry. You need to blot and squeeze away the excess water with a microfiber towel and continue doing so until it does not drip and lost most of the moisture. You will spend a lot less time blow-drying if your hair is at least 50% dry. Not only will this cut down your time, it can also reduce split ends and damage.

Eyes and Eyebrows

Putting on your eye makeup and eyebrows is the hardest part of applying your makeup. Messing this up after you have applied most of your makeup can cause you to do a lot of touch ups and cleaning. Start with this makeup first. This makes for easier cleaning and foundation application later on. This is also a great tip to use when you are running late. Applying these makeup steps at home and other steps when you are on the go can help prevent you from getting late and still make you look that you spent a lot of time putting it on.

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Get the Right Products

You can save a lot of time and effort in the morning if you have the right product. For example, instead of using a sunscreen, foundation and moisturizer – you can apply it all in one go with a BB cream. If you prefer more coverage, you can mix in a bit of your foundation. This also goes for your hair. Look for hair products that can give your hair texture, volume, and can be used for styling. The key here is to find multipurpose products that can help make you more efficient.

Recent surveys have shown that an average working woman spends about 55 minutes every day on their appearance. If you multiply that for a week, we spend 6 to 7 hours getting ourselves ready. This can even be more for people that struggle with time management in the morning.. We know how valuable your time is. There are a lot of things you can do in the morning. Therefore, being efficient is important to the modern woman. We hope that you can use these time saving beauty tips to help shave off at least a few minutes from your daily routine and make you more productive.

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