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Pixel Hair is the Latest Hair Color Trend!

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Do you know what the latest hair trend is this 2015? The newest hair trend to hit town is pixelated hair!

You heard right, its pixelated hair and, it involves having pixel style graphics coloured onto your hair. This is an innovative coloring process that involves new chromatic color, dimension and pixelated effect on the hair.

So how do you come up with pixelated hair?

You can design the pixels any way you desire, and it makes such a pretty statement with just minimal damage to your hair. But, yes there’s a limit or catch, in order for this “pixel color” to looks its best and its sharpest, you need to have very sleek and straight hair. Square blocks of colour are to be soak into the hair, before they are cascaded and blended into one another.

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You’re lucky if you have natural hair. If not, you have to do lots of ironing which may lead to damages to your hair, when done frequently.

Check out some example of pixel hair below:

Pixel Hair is the Latest Hair Color Trend!Pixel Hair is the Latest Hair Color Trend!

Pixel Hair is the Latest Hair Color Trend!

So is this new hair trend for you? I guess you’ll just have to try it out. Heads will surely turn, if you can nail this look!

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