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How To Fix Back Pain in Just One Minute

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Do you have back pain? And you have done all things possible to make it go away? Try this 60 seconds fix for back pain.

Andrew Weil, MD had developed this simple breathing remedy, for back pain relief. This remedy can help reduce pain, and in the long run if practiced regularly, may lower sensitivity to pains and aches.

Step 1

Lie or sit in a comfortable position, and place the tip of your tongue, behind your upper teeth. Exhale using your mouth, by making a gentle whoosh sound.

Step 2

Close your mouth, then inhale quietly through your nose, by the count of four. Hold your breath with a count of 7.

Step 3

Lastly, exhale through your mouth, by making the whoosh sound again, for 8 counts.

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Step 4

Inhale and do the cycle for 3 more times.

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