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Mascara Techniques You’ve Probably Never Considered Before

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Mascara Techniques You’ve Probably Never Considered Before
Everyone should experience the face transforming powers of mascara. Long and thick bare lashes are one of the best asset you can have on your face. Naturally long lashes can help create an irresistible smolder. Though, most of us are not born with this gift. We rely on false eyelashes and mascaras to do the job. With so much mascara products in the market it is almost impossible to pick the right one. Lengthening, thickening, separating mascaras are just a few choices, picking the product is only half the battle. Application is the make or break factor when it comes to your mascara application. There are different ways to apply mascara. There is the traditional way; swipe, swipe and you’re done. There are also out of the bottle ways to apply mascara.

There are different ways to apply mascara and different results. The effects can be subtle but can create a huge difference in your overall appearance. Your look can change with just a flick of the wrist. Here are some mascara techniques you can try out for yourself.

Tight lining

Tight lining is the process where you apply eyeliner on your lash line to create the illusion of a thicker lash line. You can pull off this look without using eyeliner. Simply tap or brush your mascara want against your eyelid when applying on the root. Focusing on this area of the lashes will give the eyelashes volume and better curls.

Mixing Mascara Products

No, we don’t mean mixing your mascara tubes into one product. You can achieve the look you want by mixing in different products together. Apply Volumizing on the base of your lashes, use lengthening mascara on the ends of your lashes and so on. Creating your personalized mascara cocktail will give you the lashes you want.

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Under Side

We were lead to believe that applying mascara on the inner corners of the eyes will weigh the lash down. That has been a thing of the past, light weight formulas for mascara has made that theory obsolete. Apply mascara all over your eye lashes especially the underside. Applying this upward will make the curls last longer and lift the eyelashes.

Spider Lashes

Spider lashes or clumpy mascara is known to be a negative effect of mascara, but since the rise of the theatrical and high fashion spider lashes it has been considered a glam look. You can create high fashion spider lashes by pinching the lashes together after applying mascara. Create a star like shapes with your eyelashes. You can create this look with tweezers. Creating this spider lashes will make your eyes appear bigger, brighter and more awake.

Diagonal Application

Applying your mascara diagonally will create that feathery and wide eye look. Instead of applying your mascara using the side to side application. Try pointing your mascara wand upward and use the tip of your wand to push your lashes upward. This will make your curls last longer and create stronger base. Remove excess products on the tip of your wand before applying.

Shaping Your Lashes

Eyeliners can help shape the eyes by drawing lines to accentuate the eye shape or change them. You can do this by changing the directions on how you apply your mascara. Pushing your mascara upwards in the middle of your lashes will make the eyes appear rounder. Pushing your lashes on the outer corner to the side will elongate the eyes.

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Fan Brushing It Out

Applying your mascara can be done with different tools. There are mascara wands, cotton buds and the fan brush. We’ve seen multiple makeup artist use fan brushes during fashion shows, and we’ve asked them why? It seems that using a fan brush can spread out the product more evenly on each lash. It also helps create the perfect natural look. It also gives you better control. You can apply your mascara using a fan brush by taking the product from your mascara wand and transferring it to your brush. Make sure that the product is spread evenly on your brush. Apply the product on your lashes diagonally from the top and bottom.

There are different ways to apply your mascara. Try out these different techniques and find the best one for you.

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