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Surviving the First Phase of South Beach Diet

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The South Beach Diet has been touted as one of the best and highly effective method of protecting one’s heart health and also for slimming down safely. A lot of people have already tried this diet plan already and were amazed with the results. The first phase of the diet is to actually reboot your system by resetting your body’s chemistry so that it will have the ability to burn fats faster and more efficiently. If this is your first time to follow this diet, here are a few tips that might help you complete the first phase of the South Beach Diet successfully.

Start going light on the carbs. 

Keep in mind that your body usually converts carbs to fuel before anything else. By reducing your intake of refined carbs, your body will have no choice but to turn to your fat for fuel. And since you are already reducing your consumption of carbs, you will no longer crave for those junk that you often eat. In the first phase of the South Beach Diet, you will be removing whole grains and fruits and replace them with healthy fats as well as lean proteins. These will keep your body well-nourished while you lose weight. 

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Have plenty of water 

Keeping a water bottle handy can help you deal with those sudden pangs of hunger or craving for something that is high in carbs. But if you are bored with drinking the same old thing, you can always live it up with some lemon juice and sweetener like Stevia to make your beverage more interesting. 

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Keep your mind open 

Going into the first phase of South Beach Diet is going to be trying at first, but if you have a goal in mind, you know that you need to follow the diet plan provided. By keeping your mind open to the changes that your diet is going to go through, you won’t even notice that your first week will be already finished. 

Spices are your friends 

During the first phase of the South Beach Diet, you will notice that most of your meals are a bit bland. Since you are not allowed to use certain flavorings, you can make your dishes more interesting and flavorful with the help of some spices. The best thing about spices is that they are healthy and can actually make the first phase of your diet more acceptable. 

Stick with it 

Since you have been asked to open your mind with regards to this diet, you should also stay committed to following it. Trying something new is going to be extra challenging for you and may make you feel ready to give up because you are craving for the good stuff. But if you want to get healthy and start losing weight, you just need to stick with this diet and you’ll see the results in no time.

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