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Warm Up and Slim Down With Soup

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This is the season to get all warm up because of the cold weather. But did you know that, warming up with soup, will also help you down?

Let’s find out how…


A study published in the British Journal of Nutrition, looked at the dietary habits of over 10,000 adults and found out that those who consumed soup, had a smaller waistline, lower body weight and a higher intake of protein, vegetables, fiber, vitamins and minerals.

To give more credit to that is another study that showed that, routinely eating soup, or chicken soup, before a meal can help reduce hunger and increase the feeling of fullness. The researchers attributed this to the fact that, watery, veggie-based soups distend the stomach, causing the food to stay in the stomach longer. This process increases that feeling of fullness.


If you choose to buy the chicken soup available in the market today, watch out for the sodium content. The sodium ranged from 650-940 milligrams per cup. Health authorities recommend to keep you sodium consumption to less than 2,300 mg daily, which is the amount in a teaspoon of salt. To reduce the sodium content per 1 cup, you can add vegetables to the soup. This will lessen the sodium in each cup, while adding more vegebtales in the process.

The best alternative is to make homemade soup to better control the amount of sodium.
Always remember to keep your total daily sodium intake under the recommended limit.

So let’s warm up and slim down in this cold weather!

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