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Feeling Stressed? Then Press on These Areas of Your Body

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Hitting the gym, doing yoga, getting a full-body massage, watching TV sitcoms, listening to music, having a glass of fine wine — these are just some of the things that people do to attain relief from stress.

Did you know that something as simple as pressing on certain areas of the body is also a great stress-buster?

It’s called acupressure. Yup, you read it right — acupressure, not acupuncture. Well, both of them are from ancient China, and they involve points that, when activated, are known to improve the flow of energy circulating throughout the body. And once the flow is improved, there are so many impressive health benefits provided.

What’s so nice about acupressure is it’s something that you can employ on your own, no matter if you’re at home, at your office desk, on the bus or elsewhere. What’s more, acupressure does not involve the use of needless. You constantly have easy access to the only must-have: your thumb, index finger or knuckle.

So whenever you are feeling stressed and you want to employ a form of healing that has originated in China thousands of years ago, continue reading. Below you will learn a few areas of the body that when pressed can effectively lower your stress levels, enabling you to attain immediate relaxation at practically any given time or place:

Between the Big and Second Toes

If you love massaging your feet as a stress reliever, then you will love this acupressure solution. All you have to do is apply pressure on the web right in the middle of your big toe and second toes. The sweet spot is located about two fingers away from the edge of the web. Press it with your thumb on one side and index finger on the other.

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Between the Thumb and Index Fingers

It’s not all the time that you can access the webbing between your big and second toes, such as when you are walking down the street or trapped in a jam-packed elevator. If so, then all you have to do is press the fleshy part in the webbing between your thumb and index finger. Use the thumb and index finger of your other hand.

Near the Wrist Crease

Have your palm facing up. Now imagine a straight line running from the meeting point of your ring and pinkie fingers to your elbow crease. With the help of your other hand, measure three fingers along that imaginary line from your wrist crease — that’s the right spot. Simply press on that using your thumb to zap stress.

Right in the Middle of the Eyebrows

When feeling stressed out, all you have to do is use your thumb to apply pressure on the spot between your eyebrows, right where your nose bridge starts. By the way, pressing on this particular point on your face is also known to be effective against sinus headaches and dizziness.

In the Center of the Chest

Last but not least, you may also apply pressure in the center of your chest using three of your fingers — index, middle and ring fingers. Just imagine two invisible lines — one going down in the middle of your ribcage and the other going across your nipple line. The right spot is where those invisible lines intersect.

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For a couple of minutes, you can apply steady pressure on any of the points mentioned above. It’s also possible to have the point of your choice massaged using small circular motions.

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