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Holiday Party Survival Guide

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The holidays often bring the best and the worst in us. It can be the most joyous time of the year, but it can also be the most stressful. They’re so many things to do. From buying gifts, preparing feasts, finding the right clothes, attending numerous parties and too much food. It’s hard to keep a healthy lifestyle on track during this season.

The Holiday season is so close that you can feel it in the air. The smell of roasted yams and champagne trickles through homes. The holidays don’t only affect our regular schedule, but it also affects our beauty and health routine. We meet a lot of beauty woes during this period. From broken nails from gift wrapping to dry and chapped lips from the low temperature. Never worry again, with every common holiday problem there is an answer. Read on below to find out more.

The Luscious Holiday Lips

During the holidays you will be doing a lot of eating and kissing. Every time you leave a kiss mark on your little sister or cousin will cause you to reapply your lipstick all night. It’s not really fun to go to the bathroom every few hours just to make sure you have lipstick on for the holiday photos. You want a lipstick that will stick and won’t leave any mark on the dinnerware. Though it is cold, lip gloss can be too sticky and messy for the holiday parties. The best thing you can opt for is to apply lots of lip balm and letting it dry a bit before applying matte lipstick. This will leave your lips looking hydrated, luscious and most importantly long lasting.

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Bring Your Own Snack to Contribute

Keeping your diet on track during the holidays is incredibly challenging, especially when you are spending a lot of time at partied or staying in a different house. You can lessen a little bit of the guilt by bringing your own healthy dish to indulge in before the upcoming feast. Bring a healthy snack to share with everybody won’t feel as rude as eating a dish you prepared for yourself in a corner. This can alsohelp you host that focused on the main feast. Eat as much of your snack to help reduce your chances of overeating during the actual meal.

Position Yourself

Holiday parties need a few tactical techniques to overcome. Most importantly in parties that tend to take a long time. As soon as you enter the door look for the areas that have little traffic, meaning not a lot of people walk there. This type of areas gives you the liberty to talk to your friends or family uninterrupted. Move away from the snack table or dinner table. The tactic of out of sight, out of mind would keep you from over snacking or waiting impatiently for the upcoming feast. Look for areas with the best lighting for those impromptu pictures. Find out where the bathroom is as soon as possible. The holidays can bring a lot out of us, we can drink too much or eat too much. It’s best to be prepared and know where the bathrooms are and where you can get privacy when you start to feel too overwhelmed by the crowd.

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Chatting Breaks

Make it a habit to stop eating or drinking anything while you are talking to anyone. Mindlessly eating and talking can cause you to overeat without you even knowing.

Holiday Hair

The most ideal hair for the holiday is definitely the up dos. Holiday parties can be incredibly messy and chaotic. You don’t want your little nephew pulling on your hair or accidentally dipping your hair in the punch. Avoid loosening your choice of up dos by using strong hair pins and hair spray. This may seem too much effort for a holiday party, but trust us the last thing you want is cranberry sauce in your hair.

Healthy Hands and Nails

Running around town, picking up things, cooking and shaking hands are some of the things you will be doing over and over again during the holidays. Your hands will start to feel this too, your palms will tend to sweat a lot and your cuticle can crack and dry out. Apply hand lotion every four hours to reduce dryness and use cuticle oil to keep nails healthy.

No need to worry about the holiday rush. This season only comes once a year and the least we can do is make the most of it. Let go of all your worries and enjoy. Grab that piece of turkey if you want to. Sleep after stuffing yourself silly. A few days of bad eating habits will not give you a 5 months’ worth of weight gain. Just remember to take care of yourself while having fun. Don’t forget to moisturize!

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