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Is Your Poop Normal

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Admit it, you’ve looked down the toilet at least once to see what your number two looke d like. Well, this practice can actually tell a lot about you. Looking at your own discard can actually tell you if you need togo to the hospital.
We all know that everyone poops. At least two people around your country is pooping right now in your continent, unless you have a nationwide constipation problem. Pooping is one thing we do every day that can tell a lot about you, though we often don’t pay much attention to it. Not only that, it seems like the poop or the topic is taboo to talk about. Have you ever wondered
why it’s easier for people to talk about sex than about their poop? We will let psychology answer that question. We are here to discuss not your number one, but your number two. Yes, your nuggets, turkey trots, load, fudge babies or simply put feces. Pooping right can tell that your system is working fine, while not pooping enough or different shades and textures can tell you that something is wrong.
Are you digesting your food well? Are you able to break down your food and absorb the nutrients from them? The quality of your poop can say it all. If your poop doesn’t look right, it may mean that your digestive is moving too fast or too slow. This may lead to health risks like neurological diseases, chronic
inflammatory problem and autoimmune diseases.
Think of your poop as a signal that your body makes to tell you
when it’s getting bad.
There are four things you have to pay attention to when it comes to your bowels. Let’s discuss them below.

How Often Do You Go?

Research suggests that the healthy amount should be one to three times a day. This quantity is considered normal, anything less or more can mean digestive problems. Poop is made up of waste that we need to extract from our body every day to make sure that we remove waste and toxins. A lot of
people tend to have moment after they eat and this is normal.

Are You Using Too Much Force?

Is pooping hard for you? Do you have to contort your body around just to get it moving? Do you need to push it out with some grunts and muscle tension? Or is does it flow out of you? It has been a common habit to bring a reading material to the bathroom to poop. We spend 15 to 30 minutes waiting for our
bowel to pass, though this is not how it is supposed to go. It should not take more than a few minutes and should be easy. You’re not giving birth, don ’t push your poop out. This can lead to hemorrhoids and other rectal problems. What Does It Look Like? The most important part when discussing poop, is how it looks. There are 7 types of poop the first one ooks like small nuts that are hard to pass, the second one looks like a sausage with distinct cracks andlumps, the third one looks like a sausage with cracks, the fourth one looks like a normal sausage, the
fifth one are soft blobs, the sixth are fluffy and edgy pieces and the last one i s pure liquid. Type 1 to 3 is considered constipated, while 6 and 7 are categorized as diarrhea.

Are You Getting It Out?

People don’t really consider this as an issue, but if you have to come back after a few minutes after your first movement to finish the job is not normal. Pooping should be done in one motion. Do you feel like something is left behind after you poop? Well, that’s not the normal way to go.
You can improve your bowel movements by eating better, eating
foods that are rich in fiber and contains little to no preservatives are ideal. Keeping your good bacteria in check can also make pooping better. Getting more healthy fat in your diet can help remove the toxins and waste. If you see any red stains in
your waste, this may mean tearing in your anal area or hemorrhoid. Anything darker can signify colon bleeding, if this happens go to the hospital immediately.
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