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The Benefits of Papaya

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Papayas are known for its creamy, rich texture and juicy taste. It is wildly used for its health and beauty benefits too. This amazing fruit is available a year round. The rich orange color of the papaya can give your simple desserts its added pop of color. The papaya contains different health, hair and skin benefits. Papayas are not wasteful since the whole fruit can be used.

Papain or the papaya enzyme found in this fruit is known to aid protein digestion. This fruit is often extracted from trees to make into supplements, skin care items and major ingredients in common items such as chewing gums.

Papayas originated from Central America and was exported to subtropical lands such as the Philippines, India and Africa. Today, Puerto Rico, Mexico and The US are the leading producers of papaya in the world. Aside from papaya enzymes, papaya also contain antioxidants, vitamin C, flavonoids, folate, carotenes, fiber, potassium and more. The pulp of the papaya are is one of the basic ingredients in shampoos, soap, facial creams and more.

Let’s thoroughly discuss below the different beauty benefits of Papaya

Skin Benefits – Papaya is one of the most used natural ingredients for skin care due to its multiple health components that can benefit the skin.

  • Papayas are a great source of papain and vitamin A. These components can help break down inactive proteins that will remove dead skin cells.
  • Papayas contain more carotene than any other fruit. This is also less expensive to its carotene rich counterparts such as guava, plantains, custard apple and so on. This is known as the common man’s fruit due to its availability and price.
  • Applying finely grounded or blended papaya on the face for half an hour can help reduce blemishes.
  • Consuming and applying papayas can give you supple, soft and smooth skin.
  • Consuming papayas regularly will add a warm glow to the skin and will last longer since the change happens from the inside.
  • Mashing papayas to create a paste can be used to help reduce cracking heals, sores and dry skin.
  • Using the papaya pulp as an exfoliator can help make the skin look healthy and smooth. You can use this as a natural skin exfoliator once or twice a week.
  • Using papaya juice or mashed papaya on the skin can help remove discoloration.
  • The papaya peel can be used to whiten the skin. It can be used on the face and on areas that easily darken such as the neck, elbow, knee and bikini area.
  • You can reduce the inflammation of ringworm patches by applying raw papaya on it.
  • Papayas can help reduce or slow down the signs of aging.
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Hair Benefits – Apart from being used on the skin, papayas are also known to help with hair care. Papayas nutritional content can help add volume and shine to the hair.

  • The nutrients in papaya can help prevent hair loss and balding. It can help boost hair strength and growth.
  • Using papayas on your scalp can help reduce dandruff.
  • Consuming papayas regularly can help thicken the hair and reduce thinning. There is no scientific proof that proves this, but there have been many accounts that swore by the hair thickening effects of papaya. The results can vary from person to person.
  • The rich mineral contents of papaya can help remove unwanted grime, oil, chemical or dirt on the hair naturally.
  • The extracts of the papaya leaf can work as a great hair conditioner. It can add shine and bounce to lifeless, frizzy and dull hair. Health Benefits – Papayas are not limited by its beauty benefits. There are a lot of medicinal components in papaya that have been proven through the research and testing. Papaya is widely known to help reduce gastrointestinal problems.
  • Papaya contains high amount of potassium that can help balance the blood pressure and improve mental focus. Eating papaya can help reduce hypertension.
  • Another known health benefit of papaya is improving eyesight. Eating at least 3 servings a day can help reduce vision lost in older adults and improving sight.
  • Consuming it regularly can help boost the immune system. The beta-carotene found in papaya can help keep the body functioning at optimum level. It can also prevent flus, cold and ear infection. These are just some of the numerous benefits of papaya. Using papayas won’t give you an instant result, it takes patience and discipline to make the benefits permanent and noticeable. Papaya is one of the most outstanding fruit for its benefits.
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