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Secrets to Having Porcelain Skin

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That porcelain skin you’ve been admiring in Korean women is not a camera trick or effect. As a matter of fact, that radiant glow that they are sporting is quite real which makes it even more impressive. It’s not that just that their skin has this natural glow, but it also looks quite healthy too. How is that even possible?

Korean women are putting a lot of effort into taking care of their skin, and the good news is that we can actually follow the steps that they are using to achieve the same glow. Sounds good? Let’s find out how they are able to get that gorgeous and flawless porcelain skin.


Our skin may be missing out on moisture at times which is why you need to put more effort into consuming more liquids such as water and fruit juice just to name a few. Water therapy is a favorite by Korean women, so you are in the right track in making your skin nourished.


Sun exposure can contribute to darkening skin which is why in Korean, women make it a point to apply sunblock religiously. This is why you will rarely see Korean women having pimples, pigmentation, or even freckles for that matter. Applying sunblock can help protect the skin from the harmful rays of the sun. You too should make it a point to use it every time you step outside your home.

Eat the right kinds of food

This is where it gets tricky especially to those who are not a fan of eating vegetables. Koreans are actually fond of eating plenty of fermented foods, vegetables, and a host of other nutritional food which is one of the reasons why they are giving off that gorgeous glow to their skin. When you eat the right kinds of food, you will find that it is easier to keep any blemishes on your skin at bay. This will not be easy at first, but if you really want to achieve that porcelain skin, you will need start eating healthy.

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Face masks

Another tip to achieving that beautiful glow to your skin is to use face masks once or even twice a week. Face masks can actually help improve your skin’s overall look. What’s more, face masks can be good for deep cleansing, skin relaxation, and even getting rid of any clogs on your pores. Once the face mask dries up and hardens, and then having to peel it off can help expand the blood vessels in your skin. This is actually good for your skin tone too.


It is important that you should incorporate exercise to your daily routine as much as possible to help improve the blood flow. Not only that, working out can improve your skin as well because you are removing the toxins inside of you through sweating. When you exercise, you can also help strengthen your muscles and bones which can contribute to your overall health.

Add ginseng

Ginseng has been frequently used in many ancient remedies, but it is making a comeback as people are starting to see the benefits associated with it. In Korea, ginseng is part of their beauty routine where skin care products are using this ingredient to help keep signs of aging at bay. Aside from this, you can also prepare ginseng-based foods and even ginseng tea to help remove any pollutants and toxins that may be clogging your skin.

Spend time caring for your skin

fstoppers.comDid you know that a Korean woman’s skin care can be a 10-step routine? It involves cleansing, toning, moisturizing, nourishing, and the like. It would be a good idea to prepare your own skin care routine that you can adhere to.

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