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Ancient Anti-Aging Remedies to Try

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Seeing signs of aging on your face when you look at yourself in the mirror can be shocking at first especially when you are still young but this doesn’t mean that you won’t even get them at this point. There are many factors that can contribute to premature signs of aging such as poor diet, lack of sleep, smoking, and the like. Well, changing your diet, for one thing, can help you with keeping your skin looking smooth and supple but there are other remedies to try too. Here are some ancient anti-aging remedies that can help bring back the natural beauty of your skin.


It appears that laughter is the best medicine for almost everything, including sagging skin. Aside from making you feel better, you are actually boosting the amount of blood flowing through your body including your face. This helps prevent lines and wrinkles from forming.


You’ve probably come across this ancient anti-aging secret before where pearls are not only used for their decorative purposes but also for treating the skin from signs of aging. It appears that the pearls were transformed into powder then mixed with water to be used as moisturizers to retain that youthful glow to the skin. Some say that you mix this powder with milk then apply on dark spots to correct them.


To prevent signs of aging from appearing on your skin, you might want to practice smiling more often. Smiling not only makes your face appear radiant, but it can also prevent the folds on your forehead caused by frowning too much. Practicing smiling all the time will make you feel more positive too which is another reason why you will find this a good habit to have.

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This resin has been proven time and time again to heal cuts and reduce blemishes on the skin. In ancient times, this ingredient was often used because of its antibacterial properties. It is known to enhance collagen production which can fight acne and minimize wrinkles too. You will find it a useful addition to your skin care routine because it can keep signs of aging at bay.


Watermelon is a favorite in dry and arid countries because it is made from 90% water which can hydrate the skin. It has also been found to be effective in treating fevers. Watermelon has plenty of nutrients such as carotenoids, lycopene, and vitamin C too which are all needed to improve one’s skin. Eating this fruit regularly will keep wrinkles at bay and prevent dryness from happening too.


It appears that saffron has always been used when it comes to treating skin issues ever since the time of Cleopatra. It was said that she added saffron to her milk baths to fight sagging skin, wrinkles, dullness, as well as brown spots even.

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