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Best Exercises to Try While Gardening

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Most people are looking for ways for them to stay healthy and strong hence they often go to the gym or other fitness clinics to sweat it out. However, this entails spending money for a membership fee not to mention spare time to work out. Fortunately, you don’t really have to spend a lot for a gym membership or worry about finding free time to exercise because there is one way to workout for free and that is by tending to your garden.

Gardening is one of the best things to do to get your mind relaxed as you transplant seedlings to bigger pots, prune bushes, and remove weeds from your garden. But did you know that you can actually insert various exercises here that will help you stay in the best shape? Here are some examples that you should keep in mind.

  1. Warm up first. When working in the garden, expect that there will be a lot of bending and lifting that is going to happen. In order to avoid injuries, you will need to warm up first. You can do some balancing and strengthening workouts to improve your body’s strength. It is also important that you keep your spine in a neutral position to avoid back pain especially when you lift an object in the wrong manner.
  2. Start sweeping. If you want to raise your heart rate, you should start sweeping your yard vigorously. By sweeping hard and fast, not only will you give your heart rate a boost but you’ll also end up burning up to 200 calories.
  3. Dig some holes. Transplanting your overgrown plants to new locations in your yard can be a good exercise especially when you have to dig a hole for them. Shoveling works your arms, core, back, and leg muscles which mean you will get a full body workout in no time. Just make sure that you follow proper form as you strike the shovel into the soil.
  4. Lift those pots. Lifting weights is a good way to tone and strengthen your arm muscles but since you don’t have any free weights lying around the house, you can lift those heavy pots in your garden instead. Again, you will need to pay attention to your form when it comes to lifting those heavy objects so you can avoid straining your back.
  5. Don’t forget to squat. When you garden, your body will be doing all sorts of movements such as walking, lifting, and squatting down to reach items on the ground. By paying close attention to your movements, you will be able to integrate exercises into your gardening just like squats. Remember to keep your back straight, and your knees not bending beyond your toes. Focusing on your body’s form as you do these simple tasks will ensure that you are exercising the right muscles.
  6. Rake your yard. When you’re done with trimming your trees and bushes, it’s time to gather the leaves and other debris. Go get your rake and start raking your yard so you can make a pile to be disposed of later. This exercise can help you burn up to 300 calories easily.
  7. Get your old lawnmower out. Most of us ride our mowers to trim the yard but if you’re aiming to lose calories while strengthening your muscles, the old lawnmower will suffice. Pushing that mower is certainly better compared to just driving around the yard. Not only will you be working your arm muscles but you will also be able to target your core and leg muscles too.
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As you can see, gardening can certainly help you achieve a much better physique. It’s just about getting creative with your movements to give your muscles the challenge they need

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