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Why Ash Gourd Should be Included in Your Diet

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Ash gourd is available at any time of the year. It can easily be purchased at grocery stores and also farmers’ markets. Unfortunately, a lot of people steer clear of it because it’s bulky and doesn’t look particularly appetizing — it is dull green and elongated, and then covered with fine hair all over.

That’s a complete bummer because ash gourd is actually good for you. If you are one of those people who refuse to get their hands on this vegetable, then this article is for you especially!

Below you will get to know ash gourd more, in particular the various reasons why you should consider having it included in your diet. After you’re through reading this article, share it on your different social media sites so that your health-conscious family and friends may get introduced to ash gourd, too.

Ash gourd is sometimes called fuzzy melon because, just like what’s mentioned earlier, it is covered with fine hair. Other people know it as white pumpkin or white gourd.

No matter how you prefer to call it, one thing remains true — ash gourd is one of the most nutritious vegetables out there. Alas, a lot of people do not like to bring home one because they do not know how to prepare or serve it. Well, there are actually lots and lots of recipes on the web for cooking ash gourd.

Let’s take a look at some of the health benefits that ash gourd is known to bring:

It Protects the Lining of the GI Tract

Once cooked, ash gourd has a kind of gooey consistency. This is exactly the reason why it is said to help protect the inner lining of the gastrointestinal (GI) tract. Ash gourd is often recommended for people who are suffering from stomach ulcers because it helps shield those sores from further irritation.

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It Reduces Stomach Acidity, Too

The gooeyness of ash gourd is what makes it capable of preventing or relieving acid reflux — it helps neutralize stomach acids. By the way, traditional healers also often employ ash gourd for many other issues concerning the digestive system, from constipation to the presence of intestinal parasites.

It Assists in Healthy Weight Reduction

Ash gourd is perfect for individuals who are trying to reduce their daily caloric intake in order to eliminate excess pounds. It’s for the fact that the said vegetable is about 96 percent water. However, still it’s important for you to opt for a well-balanced meal and also exercise on a regular basis to successfully get in a great shape.

It Helps Reduce Stress and Anxiety

Believe it or not, scientists say that ash gourd possesses the ability to relax the mind. Due to this, it’s the perfect addition to the diet of anyone who is leading a very stressful day-to-day life. You should also consume it on a regular basis if having anxious thoughts is a problem that you are facing.

It Maintains Normal Levels of Blood Glucose

Ash gourd is very rich in fiber, and this is the reason why it’s a vegetable that is highly suitable for people who are diagnosed with diabetes. The fiber content of ash gourd helps regulate the amounts of sugar that is released into the bloodstream, thus aiding in the prevention of the many complications of high glucose levels.

It May Lower Heart Disease Risk

Because of the loads of fiber it contains, ash gourd may help in warding off heart disease by sweeping excess cholesterol out of the body. There is also potassium in this vegetable, and it’s no secret that the said mineral is capable of reducing high blood pressure, which is considered as a risk factor for heart disease.

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