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10 Things You Didn’t Know Were Happening While You Were Getting a Tan

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We all want to have the perfect tan and sometimes you forgot to take extra precautions when you are out in the sun. You might say that you are protected because you are using a sunblock. But you should always remember that a sunscreen is not an impenetrable formula. Too much sun exposure can cause damages to your skin.

If you want to know what is really happening when you are exposing yourself to the sun. Read on below to find out.

1. Causes premature aging.

Getting a tan while under the sun or if you are using a tanning bed causes premature aging. This is because UVA ray breaks down elastic and collagen which leaves your skin less firm

2. Your skin’s DNA is getting damaged.

All you might think when you are getting a tan is that you are “getting a tan and its amazing” but your body is going into protection mode because it’s getting burned. That is why it is so important that you wear a sunblock or SPF.

3. Causes skin damage.

Staying in the sun too long can cause large brown patches known as melasma. Freckles also become more pronounced when you are exposed under the sun for too long.

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4. Affects hair color.

Always protect your hair when you are exposed to the sun as this can cause changes in your hair color. Be sure to wear a cap, scarf or any other hair protector.

5. Greater risk for melanoma.

Regardless of whether you are fair-skinned or not, you should always remember to use a sunblock if you are exposing yourself from the sun. But nonetheless, fair skinned people are more at risk for melanoma.

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6. Dehydrates your hair.

The sun makes your hair drier. That is why if you are exposed to the sun, you have to work harder to keep your hair hydrated with leave-on conditioner. If not, your hair will become brittle and leads to breakage.

7. Too much sun exposure can make your young skin behave like old skin.

If you are spending too much time under the sun, you are more at risk of getting age spots or those brown-spots that you see on your grandparents face. This can only be remove using laser.

8. May cause broken blood vessels.

The blood vessels that are close to the surface of your skin can dilate and become visible because of the intense heat from the sun. When you are expose the sun, your body is trying to control its temperature, instead of the blood vessels in your body retracting. Your blood vessels then retract beyond its point which causes this thin blood vessels in your face area.

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9. May cause your cells to be cancerous.

When you are getting a tan or a sunburned, your skin is experiencing a repair process where it is deciding whether the affected cell is too damaged or not. If the cell cannot be repair, it will die. But if the cell is damaged, it will try to repair itself. If the repair is not successful the cell may become cancerous.

10. Can worsen acne.

When you are exposed to the sun, your face gets red and it can worsen your acne. The sun is causing your skin to dry out which triggers more oil production adding more pimples.

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