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How to Make your Pet Enjoy Bath Time

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As we all know pets do not like taking baths. Getting your cat or dog into the water might prove to be a challenge. Unless you are blessed with a very obedient or well-trained pet. Most us humans love taking baths so it gets you to wonder why our pets sometimes hate getting squeaky clean. First and foremost, let us see the reasons behind why some pets do not like taking baths.

Common reasons why pets do not like taking baths

Setting example is always the best way to get your cat or dog to take a bath. If from the get go, they show resistance it may mean your expressing the wrong body language. Approaching their bath time with a positive attitude is a great way to getting your pets in the shower. You have to make them believe it is as fun as taking a walk or as exciting as play time. Th

e sense of smell is usually the most sensitive and effective sense our pets have. If your pet does not like the type of chemical you’re using for their bath time, then there’s a great chance they’re going to detest bath time.

Teaching your pets how to enjoy taking baths

– The practice of reward and punishment works very effectively in the human world and equally as well in the animal world. Rewarding your pet after every bath is a great way of getting them into the shower the next time they have to. A treat after every shower will save you trouble of having to cause chaos before every shower.

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– Setting example is another very effective way. Most our pets are like children, for them it is basically monkey see monkey do. If your pet follows your every move, then getting in the shower with them will aid you in giving them a bath.

– Practice having them in the shower without any water. Just having them familiarize themselves with the environment might save you a lot of time trying to get them to go to the bathroom. since they’re familiar with the environment already.

– Not all pets hate bath time, there are a handful of pets who love bath time as much as they love eating. If you happen to be the owner of a pet with this feature, then consider yourself lucky.

– As mentioned earlier, our pets are very sensitive with smell. Finding the perfect soap for the bath time is key to giving them a hassle free bath. If they hate the smell, they’ll stay away from it by any means. However, if they don’t, they might persuade you to give them a bath on a regular basis.

– Training a dog at a young age is also another way to get them to general like cleaning themselves. If from an early age they get use to taking a shower, when they get older they won’t have any qualms whatsoever with shower time.

The recommended way on how to get your pet to enjoy a bath

-Every pet owner has their very own secret on how to give their pets a shower. These are a few general recommended tips on how to make your pet enjoy their baths. Just like humans we tend to remember when we like something and otherwise. If you make sure your pet enjoys their bath, they will definitely look forward to it in the future.

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– If your pet hates baths, trainers recommend doing an exhausting activity prior to the attempt of the bath. Taking your dog on a long walk will get him in the shower easier, compared to just grabbing them and trying to clean them up. Given that the pet might be in a playful mood after said activity, making them to believe that the process of the bath is also considered play time. Generally speaking, the idea is to make the process fun. As mentioned earlier pets are like kids, if you make it fun they won’t hesitate.

– Finding the right place to bathe your pet, some people like doing it in the shower, others in the tub and some outside. The most recommended place is the tub since they get to play around while submerged in the water, but if you not have the luxury of a tub you can always bathe them in the shower or outside.

– Giving your pet a bath is just like giving yourself a bath. We as humans like our baths personalized. Meaning to say, we enjoy certain things while others have their own preference. Some like their showers cold while others warm. This does not differ when it comes to your pets, it is recommended to use Luke warm water, start from the neck area and avoid the ear and eyes area.

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