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Cancer Symptoms You Should Not Ignore

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It’s very important to be aware of any changes, pain, aches and health problems that you are experiencing though it may seem minor. These common ailments or symptoms can actually be warning signs of cancer.

Consulting your doctor may help prevent and detect cancer early on. Let’s find out some of these warning signs.

1. Cough and hoarseness

If you have a persistent cough for more than 3 weeks consult your doctor. Symptoms such as chest pain and shortness of breath may be a sign of a severe or acute condition like pneumonia.

2. Lump or bumps

If you notice a lump that’s growing in any part of your body, see your doctor right away. Your doctor will refer you to a specialist for any test if they think you may have cancer.

3. Change in skin moles

Check with your doctor if you notice any changes in your moles, warts or freckles’ appearance. This could indicate skin cancer which is treatable if detected early.

4. Unexplained pain

Pain is you body’s way of saying there is a problem. Persistent pain could be anything from ovarian, bone cancer or just nothing.

The American Cancer Society explained that pain from cancer means that is has spread in your body. This is a good time to consult with your doctor.

5. Change in bowel habits

If you experience any changes in your bowel movement such as the size, timing and amount, this just may be due to certain medications or foods you’re taking. However, if you notice it happens regularly over time, consult your doctor.

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6. Bleeding

Consult your doctor as soon as possible if you have unexplained bleeding such as:
– blood when coughing
– blood in urine
– bleeding in between periods
– blood from your back passage

7. Long-lasting sore throat

If you have a persistent sore throat, that could mean something more severe like throat or laryngeal cancer.

8. Variation in bladder activity

If you notice any blood in your urine or feel pain when peeing you should consult your doctor. This is to rule out kidney, prostate or bladder cancer.

9. Unexplained weight loss

Consult your doctor if you have lost a lot of weight that cannot be explained by changes to your exercise, diet or stress. Unexplained weight loss of 10 pounds or more could be a sign of cancer. This is a sign common with patients who have stomach, pancreatic, esophageal or lung cancers.

10. Difficulty swallowing

Throat constriction could be an immune or nervous systems issue. This could also be a harbinger condition that includes cancer in the stomach, throat or esophagus.

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