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5 Steps to Radiant and Glowing Skin

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A well-cared skin has this natural and radiant looking glow. Here are 5 steps to get that naturally radiant and glowing skin.

1. Use SPF

Always remember to use sunscreen. The sun’s rays can cause damage to your skin and play a huge role in aging from brown spots, large pores, wrinkles, breakouts and skin cancer. UVB and UVA protection keep your skin younger looking.

2. Coconut oil

Virgin coconut oil can help rejuvenate and restore damaged skin. It can repair, heal and leave your skin radiant looking. This is because of the coconut’s oil antioxidant properties which also helps in destroying free radicals.

3. Watch what you eat.

Avoid eating junk foods and any foods that can make your face flush. Also try to determine any food intolerances that may be affecting your skin.

Green leafy vegetables can make your skin glow, while gluten and dairy are linked to acne and eczema. Nutritional oils like avocado, fish and organic coconut oil can also help to produce radiant skin.

4. Massage

You can also try a facial massage to increase circulation which helps in blood oxygenation and the presence of fresh red blood cells.

You can try this massage:

– Starting with your cheeks, use your fingers to draw big circles moving upward. Lift your jaws then rub from your mid-jaw to cheekbone with upward and long strokes. Press firmly and then hold for a few seconds at the cheekbone top. Do the other side after.
– From the corners of your mouth up to the corners of your nose, use repetitive upward strokes.
– Pinch across the top and bottom of your lips to stimulate blood flow, using your thumb and index finger.

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5. Keep your hands off your face.

Avoid pressing your hands against your pimple, as this can caused distress and inflammation to your skin. Light picking can permanently damage your skin.

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