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Detox Diets for January May Hurt Your Liver

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Achieving a healthy life is not that easy to do which is one of the reasons why many are looking for ways to speed up the process. Most turn to detoxing because of the promise of being able to flush out toxic substances that are hindering our weight loss. You’ve probably done this yourself at one point where you restricted calories for a period of time, going on a fast, and even using fat burning supplements to speed up the process. The question though is whether these detox diets are actually useful.

Now that the new year has started, people are prompted to do a detox. However, a health and wellness adviser named, Craig Lane, said that companies that are joining the detox craze are not really offering any effective products in the market. As a matter of fact, these supplements don’t have any scientific proof that they actually work!

Lane further stated that the liver is our body’s filtration system, where it converts toxic substances into waste products that are then eliminated from the body. That being said, if you take a look at the detox diets that are being promoted nowadays, you will find that most are calling for limiting one’s consumption of dairy and meat. Unfortunately, these two are necessary for the liver to function.

Too Much is Bad for You

With all the indulgences you’ve done over the holidays, there is always the need to cleanse our digestive system through a detox. Unfortunately, this sudden shift in food consumption may be more harmful than you expect according to Margaret Macintosh who is a doctor of Chinese medicine. She stated that although detox diets such as using turmeric is okay in small doses. However, large doses can trigger symptoms which may worsen your condition.

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For her, switching to a healthier lifestyle is considerably better than doing sudden detox diets because you may be robbing yourself of important nutrients that are vital to your organ functions. You see, the body requires different organs in order to eliminate the harmful substances in the body, and if one of them fails, the rest will do so as well.

If you are really determined to jumpstart your healthy lifestyle this year, it might be better that you focus more on what you eat as well as incorporating exercises to your day to keep your metabolism up and running.

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