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How to Wear Makeup with Dry Skin

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For those who are studying cosmetology, the first thing that will be ingrained in your head is that preparing your skin is the most important step that you will need to take before you apply any makeup. You may not think much about this, but have you ever tried applying concealer or even foundation on dry skin? Most likely you’ve ended up with cracking makeup that you will need to touch up every now and then. Not only does having dry skin make it difficult for you to apply your makeup, but it also affects your overall look as well.

But does this mean that when you have dry skin, you’ll have to deal with constant touch ups? Well, if you follow these tips, you won’t have to.

Smooth your skin first

Dry, peeling skin can be troublesome especially when you are planning on applying makeup. There are many reasons for your skin to dry up, such as poor eating habits, lack of skin care routine, and even skin allergies just to name a few. If this is the case, the first thing to do is to remove any flaking or uneven parts by exfoliating your skin. Use a mild scrub for this to avoid irritating your skin further. Apply hydrating moisturizer afterwards.

Choose quick-absorbing serums

If your moisturizer is not working for you, then perhaps you need to consider quick-absorbing serums instead. Serums are specially formulated to be absorbed quickly into your skin for instant hydration and relief. Keep in mind that your skin needs to be well moisturized as this helps your makeup adhere to your skin better.

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Learn to layer

Now that you have revived your skin, you will need to prime your skin using face oil or cream, or your usual primer. Facial oils can leave your skin extra absorbent and will help your makeup glide easily on your skin when you start applying. Primers can even out your skin issues too such as large pores, blemishes, and the like.

Choose the right formula

Not all makeup products work for all skin types. Matte makeup products can only highlight the dry areas of your skin, but liquid or creamy formulas can work even better. Cakey or heavy makeup products may leave your skin drier than before and even trigger irritation which you don’t want to happen in the first place. Going for a liquid base for your makeup is highly recommended.

Spritz is your new best friend

Once you have applied your makeup, and would like to set them properly, skip the powder formula as it will only rob your skin further of moisture. What you need is a spray formula instead since it helps set your makeup while adding more moisture to your skin. Another plus to using spray formula on your skin is that it has a nice scent to it. Not only will your makeup set, but you’ll not make your skin dry up at all.

Here are a few more pointers to consider when applying makeup on dry skin:

Avoid using your fingers

If you have dry skin, the last thing you will need is remove more moisture from your skin which is why you should avoid using your fingers when applying makeup.

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Use blotting sheets

Skip the powder when it comes to lessening the sheen on your T-zone as it does nothing but settle on the dry patches of your skin. A better option would be to go for oil-blotting sheets to remove the extra oil on your skin without drying it up.

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