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Reasons Why Adding Popcorn to Your Diet is Healthy

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Eating healthy is a habit that we should practice all the time, but does this mean that you’ll have to give up your favorite foods like popcorn? Truth be told, you don’t really have to give up popcorn from your diet as long as it is air popped and not the ones that you microwave. One reason to this is that air-popped kernels only have 30 calories compared to other types of popcorn. Also, there are other reasons why you should add this healthy snack to your diet such as the ones below.

Contains polyphenols

Why should you add popcorn to your diet? Well, it contains polyphenols which are compounds that are typically found in plants that work as antioxidants in the body. These polyphenols are the ones that help reduce any inflammation in your body. Compared to fruits as well as vegetables where their polyphenols become diluted, these compounds are in higher concentration in popcorn.

High in iron

Another reason why air-popped popcorn is good for your health is because it is high in iron content. This is the last thing that you are sure to associate with popcorns. You might be surprised that the amount of iron in it is higher than that in spinach.

Gives you the required amount of whole grain

What else can you get out of eating air-popped popcorn? You are getting your fill of whole grain that’s what. You see, popcorn is made up of 100% unprocessed whole grain where one serving is equivalent to 70% of the recommended intake per day. If you are looking for sources of whole grains to add to your diet, adding this type of popcorn is the logical course to take.

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Comes in different flavors

What’s great about popcorn is that you can make it in different flavors using natural ingredients such as herbs and spices. This is something to consider if you are looking for a snack that is not only healthy but one that can come in a variety of flavors too. You’ll be surprised how delicious air-popped popcorns are when you try preparing your own natural flavors for it.

Assists in treating bowel problems

If you are constipated, eating popcorn may just be what you need to move things along in your bowels. Since popcorn can be considered as whole grain, the insoluble fiber that it contains is good for your digestive track. A study that was conducted in 2008 showed that those who ate air-popped popcorn had increased their fiber intake up to 22% which was impressive.

Curbs hunger safely

Another reason why you should have some air-popped popcorn as part of your diet is that it helps you to curb your hunger. Like it was mentioned before, this snack is low in calories and is packed with nutrients that are good for you. If you are watching your weight but would like to have something to eat in between, this is a good option to consider.

Gluten free

What else will you like about popcorn? Well, it is gluten-free which means that it will not be dangerous to those who are sensitive to gluten. You can have some of this snack when you are hungry without having to worry about any side effects.

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As you can see, there are a lot of reasons why adding air-popped popcorn to your diet is going to be good for you. If you are looking for a snack that you can easily fit in your diet without worrying about its effects on your weight, this one is for you.

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