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Have You Heard About the Cucumber Diet?

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Cucumbers are some of the most water-rich fresh produce on the face of the planet. That is why it doesn’t really come as a surprise why a weight-loss diet that puts them in the center stage is in existence. It’s called none other than the cucumber diet, and this article will tell you everything you need to know about it.

Well, there’s not really a lot to know about the cucumber diet — there is no book or website out there that clearly provides what a meal of someone who is on the cucumber diet should look like.

It seems like numerous versions of the cucumber diet are in existence, too. But no matter which version you prefer to opt for, there is one rule that you have to follow each time: every single meal, you will need to replace most of your food items with cucumbers.

Mostly Water

What makes cucumbers very good for promoting weight loss is that they are very rich in water. What’s more, they also supply the body with good amounts of dietary fiber.

It’s exactly the coupling of water and fiber that makes cucumbers extremely satisfying. Adding them to one’s meal can help in staving off seconds or overeating. Munching on cucumbers in between square meals can help spare you from snacking on unhealthy treats.

Making sure that you are introducing a lot of cucumbers to your body every single time is basically the foundation of the cucumber diet. Actually, it is said that there is no limit to the amount of cucumbers that you could eat while on the cucumber diet. So in other words, you could indulge to your heart’s content.

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Other Foods Required

While on the cucumber diet, however, it’s not just cucumbers that you are allowed to eat. Actually, proponents say that you should add some protein-rich foods to your meals — it doesn’t really come as a surprise since cucumbers have zero protein.

Consuming some foods that contain carbohydrates is encouraged, too. The amount of calories found in cucumbers is not enough to provide your body with all the energy it needs to function. It’s due to this why the intake of carb-containing foods is a must, although of course it’s recommended for you to opt for healthy ones. Think whole grains!

Sadly, there are so many other nutrients aside from protein and carbohydrates that your body also needs. Cucumbers actually contain some micronutrients, but most of them you could get more from other food sources.

Nutritional Deficiency

It’s due to the fact that the types of food you may consume while on the cucumber diet are limited why going on it for a really long time to lose excess pounds — and keep lost ones from coming back — is not a good idea.

First, winding up with nutritional deficiencies is very much a possibility. Again, cucumbers are mostly water, and going on the cucumber diet is like loading up on water and then having some foods that supply the body with protein and carbohydrates.

Second, it can be extremely challenging to stick to the cucumber diet for the rest of your life just for you to maintain a slimmer figure. Actually, proponents say that you should go on it for 7 to 14 days only. They guarantee, however, that if you do it correctly you will lose 15 pounds a week.

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The Bottom Line

According to health authorities, the cucumber diet’s ability to get rid of a lot of excess kilos is a telltale sign that what you are likely to lose while on the said diet is just water weight and not the real deal — you know, weight due to fat.

It only means that it’s very much likely for you to immediately gain back the pounds you have eliminated as soon as you start going back to regular eating. Fitness experts say that going on the cucumber diet is not really a good idea because it is teaching you the wrong way to have a nicer body. If you wish to slim down in the appropriate manner, they recommend eating healthily and working out on a regular basis.

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