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Gray Lipstick Anyone? How to Wear Gray Lipstick

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Gray lipstick? Is it a bad or good idea? This strange new trend has been making its rounds from the runways to online makeup tutorials.

If you want to turn heads then this lip color is for you. Adding a gray lipstick can give you that edge and will surely make heads turn.

If you’re daring enough to try it out just follow these tips:

1. Lip primer

First off apply a lip primer or a hydrating balm to coat you lips. This is to avoid color slipping through the cracks on your lips.

2. Perfect liner

This is an important key for that perfect lips. It i s important that your lips are lined and defined to make sure the color doesn’t bleed into the edges.

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Trace the middle of your bottom lip by drawing a small line. Open your mouth, then trace the lower inner corners of your lip with the pencil. You must drag the pencil from either corner back to the middle.

With you mouth close, trace a line on your top lip and drag the liner to your lips’ corners. For a more amazing effect, you can try a liner that is close to the lipstick gray color you will be applying. You can also choose any neutral brown liner to achieve a simpler look.

3. Use a lip brush.

Use a lip brush to put some color on the tip and fill. Make sure to stay in the lines and put on as much color for your desired effect.

Now that you are done with the lipstick application, follow these tips for your makeup:

Always remember, if you’re going to go gray lip color, the rest of the face should be played down. Choose a minimal makeup with just a coat of mascara. Then add a black eyeliner on the upper lash line. Finish it off with a bit of highlight on the cheekbones to add life back into the face.

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You can test out some different gray shades to find the one that works well for your complexion. If you do not want to go for a full-on gray color, you can try one with more of a brown undertone or lilac.

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