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5 Best Protein Bars

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Nutrition bars come in handy especially when you’re running low on energy after a busy day or when you’re working out. However, not all protein bars that you find online are actually good for you because some of them are considered junk foods. With all the nutrition snacks being sold today, how will you be able to choose the right one for you?

To help out those who are looking for healthy protein bars, experts have checked those that are being sold in groceries which ones are ideal for eating and which ones aren’t based on the amount of calories that they have including protein, sugar, and fiber. Here are five protein bars that they believe are worth eating.

  1. Juno Bar Apple Crisp. Juno Bars are created by using whole foods such as almond butter, dates, and apples as well as chia, hemp protein, quinoa, and rice protein. Eating this snack can help provide you with iron which is essential for women who are the right age for pregnancy. However, those who are diagnosed with IBS or irritable bowel syndrome should skip this nutrition bar as it contains inulin which can lead to bloating and gas to those who are sensitive to this compound.
  1. Evo Hemp Cashew Cacao. This particular brand of protein bar actually stands out from the crowd because of its basic ingredients such as protein powder and vegan hemp seeds and because it is low in sugar content. If you pay attention to its list of ingredients, you will find that this snack bard contains apricots, cashews, and dates. The hemp seeds that are added are actually rich in omega-3 fatty acids which fight inflammation, improve your brain function, and reduce cholesterol levels.
  1. RXBAR Chocolate Sea Salt. For those who are looking for a protein bar that contains a cleaner list of ingredients, then this one is for you. This particular nutrition bar actually contains real food such as egg whites, cashews, sea salt, dates, almonds, and cacao. And yes, there is no sugar present in this nutrition bar. In terms of mineral, the RXBAR is a good source of the mineral magnesium which is important for muscle function. What’s more, you’ll get plenty of potassium from this snack which is helpful in reducing your blood pressure levels.
  1. Health Warrior Lemon Goldenberry Protein Bar. This protein bar is a planted based snack that is a combination of oats, peas, chia seeds, and quinoa. The chia seeds are particularly useful because they are packed with fiber, omega-3 fatty acids for fighting inflammation, protein, and antioxidants. When the dry chia seeds mix in liquid in your stomach, they will turn into gel which in turn settles in your stomach making you feel fuller for hours. What’s more, this protein bar keeps constipation at bay while at the same time increasing your energy levels.
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 5. Quest Coconut Cashew. What’s great about this nutrition bar is that it contains high amounts of protein and fiber. Among the ingredients that are present in this snack include coconut, whey protein, almonds, and sea salt.

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