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Natural Remedies for Double Chin

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We’ve all had that unflattering photo that was taken at the wrong angle that shows our double chin. Some people don’t even have visible, double chins, unless seen in an unflattering position. Double chins are due to fatty tissues under the chin and is caused either by sagging skin, aging and extra body weight. There are rare cases where double chins are caused by heredity and genes.

When we age the musculous mylohyoideus or the muscles underneath the chin loses elasticity. This is what causes sagging and the appearance of the double chin as we age. Double
chins are not harmful or affect your health, but can affect your appearance. Having a double chin is not bad and completely
normal. However, some people think of this as a complex that needs to be hidden or removed. People would use cosmetics or clothing to conceal their double chin. This is temporary solutions. A permanent solution would be surgery. Though, this can be incredibly expensive. There are cheaper and safer ways to reduce your double chin. We’ve compiled some of the best natural remedies to try out.

Natural Remedies

  • Double chins that are caused by a lack of elasticity of the skin can be reduced with the help of tightening products. Ones that can help regain elasticity of the skin and prevent it from sagging. One of the most well-known remedy would be egg whites. It contains natural ingredients that can tighten the pores and skin, giving you’re a natural lift. You can use this remedy by separating the egg yolk and the egg whites. Store away the yolk and place the whites in a clean bowl. You can add milk, honey or lemon juice to the recipe if you choose, but egg whites are enough for tightening the chin. Whisk the egg whites until it becomes frothy and apply on the chin, jaw line and double chin. This can be a bit messy. So, it’s best that you lay down comfortably and let someone apply the mixture on. Leave it to dry and rinse with lukewarm water. You can repeat every day or every other day to see a significant difference in a week.
  • Double chin that is caused by excess weight or fat can be fixed with a bit of exercise. Dedicating at least 10 min of chin exercises a day can help reduce the appearance of your
    double chin in no time. Start your chin exercises by annunciating your A-E-I-O-U in exaggerated motions. You
    should feel the movements in your jaw when doing these exercises. Repeat this for ab out 2 minutes. Next, do a kissing motion in the mirror. The same kind you do when you were a kid. It should have that mwah sound. This may seem silly, but it can do wonders with toning the jaw, cheeks and chin. Do this exercise for 2 to 5 minutes. Another exercise you can do is to look up and look down. This can help tone the chin and neck. A great popular double chin exercise is to look up and start opening and closing the mouth. Repeat this for abo
    ut 2 to 5 minutes.
  • Massaging the chin before going to sleep. This can help tone the neck and chin that can help reduce the appearance of the double chin. Massage it by putting your thumbs where your collar bone is and raising it upwards towards your chin. You can use cocoa butter to help massage this area to help tighten the skin. Repeat this movement for about 7 minutes. You can also place your hand on the bottom of your neck, as if you are grabbing it with your fingers. Move your hands upward and alternate hands. Repeat this for about 7 minutes. Remember, never massage your skin downwards, this can loosen the skin, causing the double chin to become larger.
  • Drinking vitamin E supplements can help benefit skin and reduce the appearance of skin related problems. It can help improve the appearance and texture of the skin by moisturizing it. This will help reduce the signs of aging such as sagging skin and wrinkles. Regular consumption of vitamin
    E can help reduce the appearance of your double chin. If none of these remedies have any effect on your double chin after 10
    to 14 days, go to the hospital and get checked. This can be a symptom of an underlying illness that needs attention to fully remove. Have you tried any of these remedies before? Share with us your experiences and other methods that worked
    for you.
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