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Indian Hairgrowth Secrets that Really Work

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Having long and healthy hair never goes out of style. Women who wear their hair long look gorgeous especially when their mane is thick and shiny that many are wondering how they manage to make their hair look great. Yes, leaving your hair to grow at its own pace is all well and good, but there are those who feel frustrated with the lack of progress with their hair. If you are one of those who think they need a little help with making their hair grow faster, try these Indian hair growth secrets because they do work.

Rinse with cold water

We all love to take warm showers as they are relaxing but if your goal is to make your hair grow longer, then using a cold water rinse is highly recommended. What the cold water does is to close the hair cuticles while stimulating blood circulation. This will help boost hair growth. Another plus to doing a cold water rinse is that it seals in the moisture from the conditioner that you are using so that your hair will remain healthy and shiny too.

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Keep your scalp clean

Another tip to making your hair grow longer and healthier is to keep your scalp and hair clean. You should shampoo your hair at least two times a week. A clean scalp is important if you want to grow your hair faster which is why you should invest on a shampoo that best suits you.

Consider using essential oils

Some essential oils can help make your hair grow faster and stronger too. Horsetail plant oil, lavender oil, rosemary oil, and cedar wood oil are just a few examples of essential oils that are good in promoting hair growth. They can help stimulate hair follicles while boosting circulation in your scalp which, in turn, can make your hair grow longer.

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Get a trim

This may sound like counterintuitive when trying to grow your hair longer but trimming your hair once every two months can reduce split ends and other damages. This is vital to growing your hair long and healthy so set up an appointment with your hair stylist and treat your hair well.

Don’t wash your hair daily

For those of you who wash their hair all the time, you might be stripping the natural oils from your hair and scalp. This can leave it dry and prone to flaking or dandruff. If you want to keep your scalp healthy, wash your hair every other day or two days a week. This will help your hair produce natural oils that will keep your scalp and hair well moisturized.

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Massage your scalp

Another way for you to stimulate hair growth is to give your scalp a good massage while nourishing it. Do hot oil massage once a week so that your scalp will be able to absorb all the nutrients from the oil. Giving your scalp a good massage, on the other hand, can boost blood circulation which can actually enhance your hair growth. Use oils like almond, olive, and castor oil to nourish your hair and scalp.

Eat the right food

You will also need to take consider the food that you eat when it comes to making your hair grow longer. Some types of food like fish, vegetables, seeds, and nuts contain nutrients like omega-3 essential fatty acids, beta carotene, and vitamin D all of which are necessary for making your hair grow longer and healthier. 

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Who said that growing your hair longer is going to be tough? These hair growth secrets have been found to be effective in making hair grow faster in no time.

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