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How to Prevent Hemorrhoids During Pregnancy

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It’s not uncommon for pregnant women to end up with hemorrhoids. But just because you are in the family way doesn’t necessarily mean that you have no choice but to face this embarrassing and uncomfortable problem.

Actually, it’s very much possible to keep hemorrhoids from striking while you have that baby bump, and this article will tell you some of the things that you may do to stay hemorrhoid-free.

But before we start discussing some of those helpful things that you may do, let’s first take a quick look at some of the reasons why pregnant women are at higher risk of suffering from hemorrhoids than everyone else:

Increased pressure

The growing baby inside your womb causes an increase in pressure in the lower half of your body, and the blood vessels in the anal area may become swollen.

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High progesterone levels

Pregnant women have increased progesterone in their bodies, and experts say that this is something that can make the blood vessels lose much of their tone.


One of the many unpleasant things that come with being in the family way is constipation, which can leave you straining on the toilet — a risk factor for hemorrhoids!

Based on the above pieces of information, it seems inevitable for hemorrhoids to strike during pregnancy. And by the way, it’s more common during the third trimester of pregnancy.

However, the truth is you don’t need to have hemorrhoids while waiting for your baby to be delivered. There are all sorts of things that you may do to prevent hemorrhoids during pregnancy, such as:

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Increasing Fiber Intake

As earlier mentioned, constipation is something that can put a pregnant woman at high risk of having hemorrhoids. One of the best all-natural ways to keep constipation at bay is by consuming fiber-rich foods.

Fruits and vegetables are some of the best sources of fiber around. Oatmeal and whole wheat also supply your body with good amounts of hemorrhoid-fighting fiber.

Drinking Plenty of Water

Make sure that you drink about 8 glasses of water a day — that’s equivalent to about 2 liters of water. Consuming plenty of water can help make sure that constipation is the least of your problems during pregnancy.

Having Prune Juice

If you don’t want hemorrhoids to bug you, make sure that you keep constipation at bay. At the first sign of it, you may take 100 percent pure prune juice before hopping into bed.

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Worried that you may not be able to combat constipation on your own? Feel free to talk with your obstetrician — he or she may recommend the use of fiber supplements or stool softeners.

Not Delaying Using the Toilet

Each time that you get the urge to use the toilet, use the toilet! Delaying it will only leave you constipated, thus increasing your risk of ending up with hemorrhoids.

Performing Kegel Exercises

On a daily basis, it’s a wonderful idea for you to carry out kegel exercises. Doing kegel exercises regularly is very good for boosting circulation and also strengthening the muscles in the anal area.

Remaining Physically Active

During your pregnancy, it is highly recommended for you to remain physically active — it will help fend off some very serious complications of pregnancy.

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Being physically active is also a great way to ensure that your GI tract stays functioning optimally, helping to keep your risk of ending up with hemorrhoids to a minimum.

Not Standing or Sitting for a Long Time

Due to the pressure applied by the growing baby in your womb on the lower half of your body, refrain from standing or sitting for long periods of time to help prevent hemorrhoids from striking.

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