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Trustworthy Baking Soda’s and 5 Functions(Not Baking)

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Sodium bicarbonate or baking soda is a type of salt with sodium ions, ions are charged atoms.  The cleaning property of salt with its unstable atoms are responsible for drawing out dirt right away.  Cheap, reliable and pretty skin-safe.

These are just some examples of how versatile this substance could be.

  1. Cleaning sinks, tiles and various surfaces

Sprinkle all over the spot meant to be cleaned and scrub away with some water or even vinegar if you need that reaction for tougher cleaning jobs.  Wooden chopping boards greatly benefit from this because theh tend get smelly and unsanitary from moisture and mold.

  1. Cleaning and deodorizing shoes

Smelly sneakers, sports shoes and canvass anything get smelly fast especially during humid days or if you do not wear socks a lot.  You can start by scrubbing the shoes with a toothbrush and a soap, some baking soda and water solution, the strength and amount of the soap is up to you, but not too strong that the shoe discolors.  When your shoes have dried after thorough scrubbing with soap water then pure water, let dry in a preferably breezy and non-humid place in the home.  Add more baking soda if needed, just baking soda on damp-dry or dry shoes and re-scrub with a brush.  No more melly feet..for now.

  1. Rid of stains and fluff up fabrics, cleaning or makeup sponges and stuffed toys

With towels, sheets, pillows and whatever likes being fluffy, baking soda in the wash deodorizes and softens fabrics while also getting them to be their original color instead of bleached out.  Sponges get the same benefit, especially since they catch a lot of dirt and bacteria.  Sfuff toys are a breeding ground or germs too and tend to collapse within themselves with age.  Baking sodia in the wash with the soap then!

  1. Remove unsightly grease or oil stains off hard surfaces and fabric
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Oil stains are very annoying and look like a forever wet spot on furniture or fabric.  Baking soda is not a scary bleach but itis known for getting tough stains out.

  1. Scrub glass clean

This can also be done with cheap, flouride filled toohpaste.

Baking soda helps make metals and glass look shinier and clearer.

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