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How to Grow Beautiful Long Lashes

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Having a long and thick eyelashes can help save you a lot on money on mascara and false eyelashes. There has been a big hype when it comes along lashes, the rise of different lengthening mascaras, eyelash extensions and false eyelashes can prove it. Take a look below at some of the best tips to help you grow beautiful long lashes!

Brush Eyelashes

It was believed that brushing your hair everyday can give you thicker and shinier hair. This can be true when it comes to your eyelashes. There are combs and brushes specifically made for eyelashes. This type of brushes should be used before applying mascara to separate the lashes and create a more even application. You can also brush your eyelashes to make it grow faster, brushing it will help with circulation and remove any dust or grime that are hidden between the lashes. Try to brush your eyelash, every day before you go to bed.

Use Petroleum Jelly

Before buying expensive serums or getting an eyelash extension, why not try something cheap and effective? Don’t spend on anything that can further damage your eyelashes. A little swipe of good ole petroleum jelly can help thicken the lashes and make them longer. This remedy will take some time before showing results, but this is surely effective. There are certain ingredients in petroleum jelly that can lengthen and strengthen lashes. Apply this using a cotton swab and apply it on the eyelid near the eyelashes.

Lash Accelerator

There are a lot of products that can help lengthen eyelashes. There are now products that contain lash accelerators. Mascaras that contain lash accelerator can make it longer momentarily while it helps make it grow thicker and longer. This will help save you money, instead of buying two products you can get what you need in one. Go to your favorite makeup stores and ask them about their lash accelerators and other products.

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Olive Oil

Like petroleum jelly, olive oil contains certain ingredients that can help lengthen and strengthen the lashes. There have been a lot of people that swear to this remedy. All you need to do is to apply a good layer of olive oil on your eyelids before you sleep. Leave it overnight, the lashes will absorb all the vitamin and nutrition of the olive oil. Give this remedy some time and you’ll surely love the result.

Massage Eyelids

Our eyelashes tend to be sensitive. It can easily break and fall off when left uncared for. Anything that can help stimulate the skin near or on the eyelids can help keep the hair follicles strong and allow the hair to get the nutrition it needs. You can help stimulate it by massaging the eyelids. Start by placing two or three fingers on top of your eyelids and create small circular motions. Next, take your fingers and create light tapping motions with it. You can do this with some petroleum jelly or olive oil, just make sure you don’t get anything in your eye.

Take Biotin

Biotin is the vitamin that your skin, hair and nail need to become stronger and grow faster. This is a B vitamin that is mainly found in products that can help strengthen lashes. Take biotin supplements every day to get thicker and longer lashes. Though, before using any type of supplements, talk to your doctor. Ask them about the safe amount of dosage and what type of supplement you can’t take that won’t harm any of your present illnesses or medication.

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Focus on Protein

It’s important to have a healthy diet when it comes to getting strong and long lashes. Though a healthy diet isn’t enough. People that tend to lack protein are prone to hair loss. Your body needs protein to grow lashes, so add some high in protein, fruits and veggies to your diet. Eat more red meat or take some protein powders.

There are a lot of tips that can help make your eyelash grow thicker and longer, all you have to do is have the patience to find one that works for you. These are just some of the few tips that can help your eyelash grow to its full potential. Do you have any more tips to add? Share it here with us. 

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