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The Best Aloe Vera Beauty Tips to Try

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Aloe vera is a plant that thrives in dry climate and has been used in many health and wellness circles because of the numerous benefits that it provides. The gel of the aloe is typically harvested to treat various hair and skin issues like hair fall and acne scars. There are more to this humble plant which is why you should read on to find out what makes this plant a useful addition to your garden at home.

It works as a moisturizer 

One of the benefits of this plant is that it can help moisturize dry skin. Applying the gel directly on your skin can lock in the moisture on your skin so that it will remain hydrated. It can also boost the elasticity of your skin too thanks to the nutrients and vitamins present in it. The best part is that when you apply aloe vera to your skin, it won’t leave any greasy residue that will make you feel uncomfortable. 

It gets rid of dandruff 

Dandruff can be a source of embarrassment especially when your scalp starts to itch and flake off due to dryness. Although there are a number of hair treatments that can reverse the damage, making your own hair mask seem like an appropriate solution. One remedy to use is to mix 2 tablespoons of aloe vera gel with a tablespoon of lemon juice. Apply the hair mix to the roots of your hair and leave it on for half an hour. Rinse afterwards to remove any traces of the hair mask. 

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It can be used as an aftershave 

Women aren’t the only ones who can use this amazing plant because men too can use it as part of their skin care routine. Use the gel as an aftershave lotion to keep your skin properly moisturized. Also, if you have some razor burns or cuts, the gel will speed up the healing process. 

It removes stretch marks 

Sudden gain weight can cause tissues to experience microtearing. This is why stretch marks occur. Pregnant women and those who are lifting heavy loads tend to experience this but the good news is that you can lessen their visibility by using aloe vera. All that you have to do is to harvest the gel from the aloe leaves and apply on the affected area on a daily basis. The healing properties of aloe vera can make those white lines disappear gradually. 

It treats acne 

Acne is not exclusive to teens who are in their puberty stage but adults too can suffer from pimples breaking out on their skin. Late nights, unhealthy lifestyle, lack of nutritious food can contribute to acne breakouts which are why you will need to use some aloe vera to tame these eruptions. The aloe vera gel contains anti-inflammatory properties that can reduce the swelling on your skin while the healing properties of the aloe vera can reduce acne scars.

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