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Summer Beauty Hacks that You Should Know

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The much awaited summer season is finally here and because of this, many of us are eager to ditch those dark and dramatic makeup we often wear during the colder times. Many of us are now looking for ways to greet the warm weather with the right makeup, but sometimes, it takes more than just wearing makeup to really get into the summer feel. If you want to make the most out of your summer time, these beauty hacks are worth looking into.

Sprinkle baby powder on your body. Soaking up the sun on a sandy beach is our idea of a good summer time, but with our sun-kissed and sea salt laden body causing sand to cling to us, it is sometimes difficult to get rid of them when we’re ready to head back home. If you want to remove sand fast, then you should sprinkle some baby powder on your body. This acts as dry shampoo where it absorbs excess oil and moisture from your body so that it will be difficult for the sand to adhere to your skin.

Reduce tan with baking soda. Spending too much time outdoors can tan our skin too much. Instead of worrying on how you are going to look when you head back to the office, whip up some baking soda and lemon juice solution to use as an exfoliant. This will help remove dead skin while the lemon juice can act as a whitening treatment to reduce the darkness of your skin. You can repeat this as many times as you want.

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Apply deodorant on the back of your neck. Styling your hair during the summer can be frustrating at times especially when sweating gets in the way. When you sweat, it causes your hair to stick at the nape or cause frizz and curls when there should be none. If this is the case, the best approach would be to apply some deodorant on the back of your neck to help keep your hair from becoming damp when styling.

Tea bags for bikini line rashes. Bikini line rashes can happen from time to time so spare yourself the discomfort and irritation by tossing some tea bags in the freezer and allow to chill for a few minutes. Apply the cold tea bags on the affected areas to help soothe the swelling and itching. Chamomile and green tea bags are good choices as they can speed up the healing thanks to their antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties.

Use dry shampoo to absorb excess oil. Another summer beauty hack that you should definitely keep in mind is to apply some dry shampoo on your hair and scalp before bed time. The dry shampoo will be able to absorb excess oil and sweat while you sleep. This way, your hair will still look great come the morning.

Repair dry hair with honey. Dry hair can be attributed to the summer heat so if your hair is looking dry and brittle because you are constantly outside, you should repair your hair with a hair mask as soon as possible. All that you have to do is to combine 1 tablespoon each of honey and coconut oil and mix them thoroughly. Apply on the hair shaft all the way to the ends and let it sit for 20 minutes. Cover your hair with a shower cap. Rinse afterwards. 

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These are just a few beauty hacks that you should always keep in mind come the summer so you’ll always look your best no matter what.

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