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6 Amazing Manicure Hacks that You Should Try

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Getting your nails done by a professional is going to cost you a pretty penny as others are wont to complain. Aside from considering the style that you want to be applied on your nails, you also need to take into account the upkeep of your nails. The good news is that you don’t really have to spend a lot just to hire a professional to do your nails because you can maintain your nails on your own.

If you are wondering how to maintain your manicure and nails like a pro, try these amazing manicure hacks today.

Hot oil manicure. Your nails aren’t the only ones that need pampering but your hands too. One way for you to care for your hands and nails is by doing a hot oil manicure treatment. You will need equal parts of castor, grape seed, olive oil, and jojoba oils and mix them with some vitamin E. Heat the mixture for 10 seconds and put it aside to cool. Get a bowl and fill it with warm water and soak your hands in it for five minutes. You need to rub a lime on your nails first before applying the hot oil mixture.

Perfect nail shape. If you want to have good-looking nails, you will need to take into account the shape of your nails. You can actually create different nail shapes if you like. There is the round shape for those who want to keep their nails short. You can also opt for square shape where the sides of the nails are parallel to one another. You can mix the two too if you like by making the edges round. If you have long nails, the oval shape is worth trying out. Squoval is also a good choice for long nails which is simply a mix of square and oval. The almond shape is ideal for those with nail edges that are not parallel to one another.

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Gel polish remover. One of the hottest trends in manicure nowadays is the gel nail polish. One reason why this is a big hit with many is because it can last up to 3 weeks without chipping or breaking easily. Unfortunately, removing it can be a bit difficult. The good news is that you don’t have to hire a professional to remove your gel nail polish and you don’t even have to worry about damaging your nails in the process even. First, you should file the top off then soak your nails in acetone. Wrap them in foil afterwards then wait for 15 minutes. Use a pusher to remove the gel nail polish afterwards.

Prepping your nails. If you think that preparing your nails is going to be tough, think again. Preparing your nails isn’t that difficult to do. First, you should clean your nails by dipping a cotton ball in polish remover and wiping the remaining nail polish off your nails. Push the cuticles back afterwards then shape the hangnails. Don’t cut your cuticles because it might leave you prone to nail problems. Clip your nails to the right length and shape your nails using an emery board. Buff them afterwards. Apply some rubbing alcohol afterwards to get rid of excess oils.

Sharpie nail art. It’s quite normal to feel overwhelmed with the fact that some nail arts are difficult to do but the good news is that you can still create some fancy designs on your nails with the help of some Sharpie. What’s great about these mini-markers is that they are quite easy to handle and maneuver hence you can produce some fine nail arts in no time.

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Nail stains removal. Nail stains after removing your nail polish can be hard to remove unless you know this trick. All that you need is toothpaste and an old toothbrush or brush. Simply clean your nails as much as you can then apply some toothpaste on your nails. Brush the nails carefully. You can repeat the process until the stains are gone.


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