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What is the Pegan Diet?

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Another year is about to pass and although many will be celebrating Christmas by indulging on their favorite foods, some are seriously considering following a healthy diet. And it seems that there is one diet that is gaining some attention lately which is called the Pegan Diet. Not only does this diet seems to promise living a healthier lifestyle, but it appears that it can also help with your weight loss needs too. But what exactly is this diet, anyway?

The Pegan Diet

What exactly is the Pegan Diet? This diet is basically putting two types of diet, namely vegan and paleo diet in one. Vegan diet removes foods or products that were made from animals while paleo, also referred to as the caveman diet, focuses more on protein rather than carbs. The Pegan Diet was made by Dr. Mark Hyman, where he proposed that dairy and grains should be avoided. Coconut yogurt and nut milk are allowed as substitutes for dairy. Meat can be consumed provided that it comes from a sustainable source and that it is grass fed. You can also eat foods such as fruits, eggs, vegetables, nuts, seeds, tomatoes, cauliflower, and the like. 

Why Choose Pegan Diet?

According to Dr. Hyman, the vegan diet doesn’t give its followers the necessary amounts of quality proteins, amino acids, vitamin D, iron, copper, and zinc. The same thing goes with those who are following paleo diet since it is a protein-based type of diet with little room for foods that are plant-based. In the case of the Pegan Diet, you are getting the best of both diets in one since you are allowed to eat plenty of vegetables while avoiding non-organic as well as processed foods.

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Another plus to following this diet is the fact that it can be used for long term especially when you are trying to maintain a healthy diet, or you want to maintain a certain weight.

What To Eat on a Pegan Diet?

The Pegan Diet is starting to sound good, don’t you think? It has the best of both worlds of vegan and paleo in one. It’s not surprising that many are considering following this diet this coming new year! So, what foods are recommended or allowed in this diet? Here’s what you need to know:


Proteins are not just available in meat and poultry, but they can also be found in legumes, seeds, as well as nuts too and other vegetables. That being said, it is better if you load up on vegetables first. Afterwards, add about 25% of protein from animals to get the remaining amount of protein for your diet.

Vegetables and Fruits

Like it was mentioned before, the Pegan Diet makes use of vegan and paleo as part of its structure. In this diet, Dr. Hyman recommends that 75% of the food that you are eating should be comprised of fruits and vegetables. Some may find this to be quite high, but it’s basically about 2/3 or ¾ of your entire plate each meal. Which ones should you go for? Anything that is fresh or are minimally processed is recommended in this diet. Choose vegetables that are non-starchy to keep your blood sugar levels steady.


There is nothing wrong with getting up to 35% calories from fats, provided that these fats are good for you. Think omega-3 fatty acids that you can get from wild caught fish, nuts, flaxseeds, oils, and olives just to name a few.

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If you are looking for a diet that can help you this coming new year, why not try the Pegan Diet? This diet looks far more sustainable compared to the rest out there.

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