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10 Easy Ways to Cut Your Fat Consumption

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Losing weight and eating healthy doesn’t mean you have to avoid eating your favorite foods. You can still enjoy those foods and be slim if you just follow these simple steps to reduce your fat intake.

Let’s find out how…

1. Refrigerate Your Cans

You can put canned foods in the refrigerator such as soups, meats and other canned foods containing fat. Cooling these food will make the fat rise to the top so you can collect them and take it out.

2. Eating Out

As much as possible limit eating out and avoid fast food restaurants. But if you are eating out, avoid foods that say cheesy, creamy, crispy and buttery. Go for smaller meals and foods that are baked, grilled, broiled and steamed.

3. Juice a stir-fry

You can opt to use orange juice concentrate to add flavor to stir-fried beef, vegetables or chicken without adding fat. Just add a few spoonfuls when cooking and some garlic too.

4. Salad dressing

When eating salad don’t mix the dressing on your salad, put it on the side. For the salad dressing, opt for vinaigrette or clear dressings. If you want a creamy dressing, choose one made of yogurt.

If you’re going to make you own dressing, replace some of the oil with water to decrease calories and fat.

5. Melt the Spread

You can melt or soften the margarine or butter using a microwave before spreading into your bread. This way, you’ll be cutting you calories and fat intake compared when you spread it cold.

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6. Substitute dips

Substitute mayonnaise based dips with fat-free yogurt or sour cream. I don’t think you’ll be able to tell the difference.

7. Avoid Processed Foods

Limit your intake of processed foods such as crackers, cookies and chips. Replace them with healthy foods such as vegetables and fruits instead. Go for carrot sticks or a cup of fruit instead. This will help reduce your fat intake and will increase fiber.

8. Use oil in your potato

Instead of putting sour cream or butter in your baked potato, put some olive oil instead. This way you cut on your fat and calories intake.

9. Pizza

Double your tomato sauce and choose light cheese when ordering pizza. Tomatoes are rich in lycopene which reduces your risk of cancer. Reducing cheese or mozzarella by just one-third will save you at least 20 grams o fat per slice. Better yet you can go for veggies for your pizza instead of the meat ones.

10. Add water to you fruit juice

Fruit juice contains calories more than you have imagined. You can cut half of the calories in this drink by putting half of the fruit juice and replacing half of what you’re drinking with water.

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