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How Often Should You Shampoo Your Hair?

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You have probably heard it often, should you shampoo your hair everyday? Read below to find out.

How Often?

Dermatologist and hair research specialist says that, how many times you shampoo your hair is a personal preference. It all depends on your hair type, the scalp and what you do to the hair.

They further mentioned that “Hair is fiber”, the more that it is washed, the worse it’s going to look. So there’s no need to wash it daily. The thicker, longer and curlier your hair is, the longer it can go in between washes. Why? According to a doctor at the University of Miami, oils from your scalp do not travel to the hair shaft as quickly, so the hair tends to be dry and does not require frequent shampoo. Even hair that is thin, short and straight can skip a day without shampoo.

Using shampoo daily is only needed if the oil production on the scalp is high, according to a doctor and writer from the the International Journal of Trichology. And if the only reason you have for shampooing hair daily is for the fragrance, you can opt to use a lightweight shampoo that contains milder detergent than others.


When you’re shampooing your hair, people often thought the shampoo’s bubbles can clean the hair but they are not really necessary for cleansing. It contains harsh ingredients and sulfates. These foaming agents dehydrate your hair and are not necessary for cleansing.

Experts say that shampoo removes excess skin cells and oil from the scalp. Also hair that is washed everyday requires more styling products. This is because when hair is often washed, it becomes loose and soft and are harder to style.

Experts advised to switch to a non-foaming and sulfate-free cleansers. Or you can choose a shampoo that uses natural ingredients to produce less suds, but still maintain its cleaning power and has less residue.

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