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6 Steps to Speeding Up Hair Growth

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There are times when we feel frustrated with the lack of growth in our hair. It may be because we are suffering from stress, or other health issue that has affected the natural growth of our mane. With that being said, there are several methods in which you can make your hair grow back at the right pace. Some of them are taking medications for this while others prefer more natural methods.

If you are considering the latter, you might want to try the following steps to speed up your hair growth safely and naturally.

Consume gelatin or collagen. One way to improve your hair’s growth is to consume high quality collagen because of the amino acids that it contains that are needed by the body to promote better looking hair, skin, and nails. There are many who swear by this method which is why it is worth a try.

Scalp massage. Another way to speed up your hair growth is by giving your scalp a good massage. We all know that massaging our muscles can relieve the aches and pains because it stimulates blood flow on the affected area so why not do the same with your scalp? Your hair follicles need adequate amounts of oxygen for them to function properly which is why giving it a massage is highly recommended. You can use a scalp massager when you take a bath if you like to help improve blood flow in this area.

Use aloe vera. The aloe plant has been touted as one of the best medicinal plants of today because of its healing and growing properties. The gel contains high amounts of nutrients that not only repair damaged cells but also improve them in the long run. All that you have to do is to harvest the gel from the leaves then apply on scalp before giving it a good massage. Allow the gel to penetrate your scalp before rinsing. Aside from stimulating hair growth, aloe vera can also moisturize your scalp and hair for stronger, healthier hair.

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Get enough exercise. It is a common misconception that working out or exercising is just for toning and strengthening muscles. Well, apart from these two, exercising means that your organs are getting their much needed oxygen because of the blood flowing smoothly throughout your body. Getting your heart rate up can deliver oxygen to your scalp which can stimulate hair growth in the process. So if you think that you are not getting any help for your hair, you might want to reconsider your current lifestyle and integrate working out as often as possible.

Prevent breakage. Most of us are guilty of using the wrong brush or comb on our hair.  It is easy to assume that you only need one kind of brush or comb for your hair’s daily use but you’ll be surprised that there are different types out there to consider. Using the right comb or brush can help prevent breakage on your hair strands. Split ends and other hair issues can stop your hair from growing properly because it uses the nutrients that they receive to heal the broken strands.

Learn to eat well. This doesn’t mean that you’ll have second helpings of everything. What learning to eat well means is that you need to choose the food that you are eating wisely. Think more vegetables less on processed foods and sweet snacks as they won’t do your health any good. Fruits and vegetables can deliver a variety of nutrients that are essential for developing hair, skin, and nails.

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