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How to Recover From a Food Coma Effectively

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Food coma happens after consuming a very large meal, in particular one that’s jam-packed with carbohydrates. In this article, you will learn about some of the steps that you may take whenever you are feeling extremely lethargic after stuffing your face. So keep on reading to know how to survive food coma.

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Before we discuss the things that you may do to bounce back from food coma effectively, let us first briefly tackle the reason why this after-meal phenomenon happens.

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Overeating is something that can be very taxing to the digestive system. In order to facilitate the breaking down of foods that are overstretching the stomach, much of your body’s energy and blood supply are diverted to your stomach. This leaves the rest of your body parts with minimal fuel and oxygen-carrying blood.

It’s exactly for this reason why food coma happens — all that the rest of your body want to do is drag you into bed so that you may take a much-needed sleep as your digestive system is laboring.

However, it’s not all the time that catching some shut-eye is possible after feasting, such as when your relatives want you to participate in a game of charades or none of your officemates are willing to carry you home like a baby. This is when the importance of knowing how to bounce back from food coma can come in very handy.

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So without further ado, here are tips on how to recover from food coma.

Loosen Your Belt

As soon as you can feel food coma creeping in, immediately loosen your belt. Otherwise, the added pressure will only contribute to the overall feeling of discomfort that tends to accompany a food coma. By the way, it’s a good idea for you to wear stretchy pants if you know that there is a possibility of you ending up overeating.

Have a Cup of Coffee

There are a couple of reasons why coffee can help anyone who is suffering from a food coma. First, it accelerates your digestive system — the faster food evacuates the stomach, the quicker you recover from that hard-to-resist state of lethargy. Second, it stimulates the nervous system, thus keeping you from wanting to get some Z’s.

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Or Opt for a Cup of Herbal Tea

Worry not if you are extremely sensitive to caffeine because you can simply brew yourself a cup of herbal tea. One herbal tea that’s perfect for the job is chamomile tea, a very popular home remedy for indigestion. Another superb herbal tea for indigestion is ginger tea as it helps relieve abdominal pain and acid reflux that may accompany food coma.

Consume Lemon Juice

Many swear by the effectiveness of drinking lemon juice each time they are having a bout of food coma. Thanks to the acidity of this beverage, the breaking down of food in the stomach can be hastened. It won’t take long before your stomach is completely empty, allowing you to attain much-needed relief — or even a chance to have seconds!

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Take a Quick Walk

Sitting or lying down is a complete no-no if you are experiencing food coma. Although it seems like the only activity that you can carry out is lie in bed, it’s a good idea for you to spend a few minutes walking. This will help accelerate the process of digestion, allowing you to bounce back from food coma in no time.

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