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7 Biggest Makeup Mistakes Brides Make

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Women who are getting married want their Big Day to go smoothly but there are quite a number of mistakes that brides make when it comes to looking their best on their wedding day. If you are planning your wedding, here are a few makeup mistakes that you should avoid so you will look amazing in your photos on this special event of yours.

  • Following the latest beauty trends. Although there is nothing wrong with following the latest trends in makeup, chances are, the one that you’re going for might not work best for your wedding. Contouring may be the thing today but you might not look your best in your photos when you get married in the morning. Aim for a look that will last for ages especially in your pictures.
  • Trying out a new look. Brides your wedding day isn’t the right time to experiment on your makeup as the look you are trying to achieve may not be flattering to you. This is the time when you should be sticking with what feels comfortable for you such as lighter shades that look more natural on you. Skip the smoky eyes for now or wearing that hot red lipstick.
  • Applying shimmer in the wrong areas. Adding some shimmer on your cheeks can help you look fresh but applying it on your forehead or even your nose will only make you look a bit greasy. Glitters are a big no-no when it comes to your wedding as they can reflect back to the camera. Shimmer, on the other hand, doesn’t have any particles that can cause reflections when your photo is taken.
  • Foregoing the makeup trial. Another makeup mistake that you should avoid at all costs is to forego going on a makeup trial. Even though going on a makeup trial means additional cost to you, it is worth it because you will have an idea on whether your choice of makeup is appropriate for you or not. Check out free demos by makeup companies if you like so you will be able to talk to the artist as well to gain insights.
  • Using lip gloss or lipstick. Wearing lipstick or lip gloss every day is not a problem but you might want to skip these two on your wedding and go for lip stains instead as they can last longer. Lip gloss tends to wear off quickly and can leave residue on your husband when you kiss. The shine from your lips can reflect back to the camera which can ruin your photos too.
  • Forgetting about your brows. Another common mistake that brides make is forgetting about taking care of their brows prior to their wedding day. Keep in mind that your brows can help frame your face so you need to wax them at least a week before your big day. Apply brow powder on the natural contours of your brows for a better finish.
  • Putting on too much foundation. There is a common misconception that brides have to wear a lot of foundation to look great in their pictures. Unfortunately, this can have an opposite effect. Makeup experts recommend that you stick with using a good primer first before applying foundation. The primer allows the foundation to adhere properly so you will have an even look on your skin. Don’t forget to use an eye shadow primer as well.
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These are just a few mistakes that most brides make when it comes to their wedding. By keeping these things in mind, you’ll be able to save yourself from not looking as good as you hope you would in the photos.

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