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A List of Truths and Lies about those so-called Cellulite

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Got cellulite woes? Well, you are certainly not alone! About 90% of women get cellulites at some pointin their lives, even those who are otherwise fit and slender. But as common as getting cellulites is, there’s a lot of misunderstanding governing what really causes it and how to eradicate it completely. So before you place the blame on anything, spend a whole lot of earnings on over-the-counter beauty products, or do something drastic
(err, perhaps an instant cosmetic surgery?), it’s best for you to know more about the real story behind those nasty cellulite.

1. Lie: Cellulite is caused by a lot of toxins in your body.

There may be some OTC cellulite products that may claim that theirs can remove impurities and toxins off your body. But their effectiveness in doing such or their claims on what purportedly causes cellulite are not entirely supported by science. Rather, you
get cellulite when your underlying fat deposits begin to push through layers and layers of connective tissues and collagen fibers under your skin. Cellulite commonly occur at the buttocks and thighs, but it can also be seen on the arms, stomach and other
problem spots as well. The connective tissues on your body can be weakened by fluctuating hormone levels, lack of exercise, poor muscle tone, poor blood circulation and lots of excess fats. Cellulite maybe caused by a lot of things, but they are definitely not caused by “toxins” in your body.

2. Truth: Women are prone to having more cellulite than men.

It’s a fact that women can carry a lot more fat around their thighs and hips. They also have a lesser amount of connective tissues that can keep all those fats in place. Though it is indeed true that women can get cellulites, men are not exactly immune from them. In fact, about 10% of males suffer from cellulite too.

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3. Truth: Cellulite get worse with age.

It seems that hormones also play a role in the appearance of cellulite in the body. As a woman’s age increases, their estrogen production levels tend to be lessened. Estrogen is a hormone that helps keep the blood flowing smoothly. Lower estrogen levels may mean poorer blood circulation which can lead to a decrease in the production of new collagen and breakdown of old connective tissues.

4. Truth: Cellulite may be in your genes

Cellulite indeed runs in families; if your grandma, your mom and/or your siblings had cellulites, chances are you’ll have those too. There’s now even a genetic test out in the market that can pinpoint whether you have that particular gene variant that predisposes you to developing moderate to severe cellulites.
However, considering that almost all women will develop cellulites at some point in their lives and the glaring fact that you can easily know it once you see it, makes the genetic testing not worth its excessive price tag. So if you’re not one of the lucky ones who won on the gene pool lottery and without smooth-skinned relatives, then just take heart: genetics only fills a very small part of the cellulite conundrum with other factors like exercise, diet and maintaining a healthy weight also playing important roles.

5. Lie: Cellulite only happens to fat or out of shape people

Cellulites can happen to all people of shapes and sizes though being overweight do make the appearance of cellulites more visible to the eye. The more fats you have under your skin, the more it’s
likely to put a strain on your connective tissues making them weaker and more prone to bulging.

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6. Truth: Exercise can lessen the appearance of cellulite

Regular exercise may not be a cure to your cellulite, but in many cases, it can help prevent its appearance. Cellulites appear when your connective tissues under your skin become weak, ergo, toning, stretching, and burning your excess fats away especially on cellulite-prone areas can tighten your skin making your cellulite less noticeable.

7. Lie: Cardio exercises are the best way to get rid of over-all dents and jiggles on your skin.

Cardiovascular activities like running, power walking, dancing and the likes are good in keeping the weight off, but if you want to reduce the appearance of dents and dimples in your skin, what you need to do is strength train.

8. Lie: Skin-firming creams can eradicate cellulite

Despite massive press releases and what you may see on their labels, there isn’t any kind of topical cream that can cure your cellulite permanently. However, there are studies that have shown that products containing retinoid (over the counter retinols) can provide temporary reprieve from cellulite by creating a thicker skin cover that can help hide the bumps.

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