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How to Look Fresh after the Gym

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Working out do great things to our body, it makes us healthy and also help our emotional and mental capacity to be more stable. But after long hours of training, whether in the gym or outdoors, some of us are having a hard time looking fresh when we sweat. Some even look haggard or exhausted they look like they have been chased by a criminal or a crazy guy in the street.

So what do we do to look good and fresh even when we are sweaty? Some have a hot bath after exercising or a quick shower, but there are other things we can do to ensure we look and feel fresh.

Start with Packing What you Need

Of course workout gear and the freshening kit after the gym. After exercising, it’s advisable to take a shower. So be sure your toiletries are complete from body soap to shampoo, conditioner, your deodorant and cologne/perfume/body spray. You can also add some makeup remover and of course the retouch kit, and if it’s possible to bring a dryer and some hair product.

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Not all take a shower in the gym, so must also pack some moist towel and beauty products to wipe your hair if you can’t wash them. Then always bring a hair tie, if you don’t have time to fix your hair, just toss it upward and tie it up.

Before Going to the Gym

Before running to the gym always prepare your toiletry kit and be sure to remove your makeup because when you sweat it doesn’t look good and the makeup will clog-out your pores when you perspire. But if you still insist on putting a light makeup, be sure to choose a water-based one. Then you can just tie your hair to make you feel light and fresh. But after the workout be sure to wash your hair thoroughly.

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Fresh it Up after Workout

It’s best to look fresh during and after workout. In any exercise be sure to wear a cotton or a cloth so your sweat will not sipped through. Even when you go straight home you don’t smell bad.

But the best thing to have that fresh look and feel fresh is to hit the shower. But before that remove your gym clothes and dry your body first before hitting the shower. Or just use a moist towel to remove the sticky feeling. If you’re not going to take a shower, then wash your face thoroughly and use a hair wipe. Don’t forget the deodorant and also put some body spray. Try combing your hair and put it in a ponytail. You can also use a hat to hide your unruly hairdo. And if you really like makeup, just put a light one.

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And now you look so fresh like you’ve never been to a strenuous exercise.

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