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Get Rid of a Headache and Improve Your Mood With Cornmint Essential Oil

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There is an essential oil out there that is very similar to peppermint oil when it comes to fragrance, taste and properties, and it’s called cornmint essential oil. It’s for this reason why some individuals simply refer to it as peppermint oil, although in the US it is prohibited by the law for manufacturers to call cornmint oil as peppermint essential oil.

If you like to learn more about cornmint oil and the many healthy perks it’s known to bring, read on. Afterwards, share this article to have your essential oil-loving family and friends know about it, too!

Cornmint oil is obtained by means of steam distillation from the leaves of cornmint, something that belongs to the mint family of plants. It is related to the peppermint plant, and that’s why the oil it produces is a very much like peppermint essential oil on various levels, from the way it smells to its various health uses. By the way, the cornmint plant is also sometimes referred to as field mint, wild mint and Japanese mint.

This volatile oil can be clear or pale yellow, depending on who manufactured it. As one can expect, cornmint essential oil has a powerful minty smell. You can use it on its own for aromatherapy purposes, or you may have it blended with essential oils that it’s compatible with fragrance-wise. Some good examples are lavender, marjoram, rosemary, basil, juniper, cypress, lemon, grapefruit and tea tree essential oils.

While a little cornmint oil may be applied directly on the skin, it’s a good idea to have it first diluted with your preferred carrier oil most especially if you have sensitive skin. Doing a skin patch test beforehand is recommended, too.

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Now that you know cornmint essential oil a little better, let’s now discuss some of the perks it brings:

It Eliminates a Headache

Each time you have a terrible headache, reach for a bottle of cornmint oil instead of swallow a painkiller. Massaging a drop or two of it on the temples and across the forehead is usually enough for you to enjoy some relief. You may also simply take a whiff of it to make that nagging headache go away naturally.

It Lifts Your Mood

You may also benefit from smelling cornmint essential oil whenever you are feeling down as its very familiar minty smell can help in lifting your mood. There are people who swear by the effectiveness of cornmint oil in bringing about tranquility at times when they are having anxious thoughts.

It Deals With Oral Issues

Did you know that cornmint oil is oftentimes added to various oral care products not only for flavoring but also making them more potent? You may actually place a couple of drops of it to a glass of water and use it as mouth rinse for eliminating bad breath, toothaches and oral sores. You may also add a little of it to your toothpaste.

It Alleviates Stomach Pain

Having excess gas can cause not only embarrassment but also a great deal of discomfort. For immediate relief, you may massage a little cornmint oil on the abdominal region to relieve those painful spasms and also expel excess gas. Diluting it with your choice of carrier oil may be done if you have sensitive skin.

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It Relieves Nasal Congestion

Cornmint essential oil is beneficial for those who are suffering from the common cold or flu. That’s because it is very good at relieving congestion. If you are having a hard time breathing comfortably because your nasal passages are clogged, place a few drops of cornmint essential oil in a basin of hot water and inhale the steam produced.

Make sure that you inform your doctor about your plan on using cornmint essential oil (or any other volatile oil) for therapeutic purposes if you are pregnant, breastfeeding or diagnosed with a medical condition.

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