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Factors That Can Speed Up Skin Aging

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Can’t afford those super pricey anti-aging creams and serums on the market these days? Terrified of undergoing the knife because of the risks involved? Keep on reading. Below you will come across some of the things that can fend off skin aging without applying all kinds of stuff on your face or stepping foot inside the operating room.

Everyone’s skin is bound to age and to date no one can keep that from happening. However, it doesn’t necessarily mean that your skin should age anytime soon. The truth is it’s very much possible to slow down the aging process of your skin. To do that, you simply have to know the factors that can cause accelerated skin aging — and avoid them at all costs!

So without further ado, here are some of the things that you should stay away from if you want to remain looking young:

Dieting to Slim Down

You may look slimmer alright because of a fad diet that you have been trying for a few weeks now. However, you may also look older because of it.

In order for your skin to look firm, radiant and healthy, it has to be supplied with an assortment of nutrients. Going on a diet in order to lose a lot of excess pounds in a short amount of time deprives your skin with the vitamins and minerals it needs for it to remain healthy, beautiful and young-looking.

Avoiding Fat

Many are quick to ditch foods that contain fat. Sadly, not a lot of people are aware that there’s bad fat and there’s healthy fat. It’s perfectly fine to steer clear of foods that contain bad fat, but it’s an entirely different story if foods that contain good fat are also eliminated from one’s diet.

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Good fat types are needed by the brain, heart, joints and also the skin. Needless to say, foods that contain them such as nuts, seeds, fatty fish and vegetable oils should be welcomed into a beauty-conscious person’s life.

Having Too Much Sun

There are lots of fun activities that can be carried out under the sun. Sitting under the sun can also make one’s complexion look stunning. Sadly, getting too much sun can cause premature aging signs to come into being. What’s more, it can increase your risk of battling deadly skin cancer one day.

Make sure that you steer clear of the sun between 10 AM and 4 PM, skin care experts say. And definitely, you should regularly apply sunscreen with an SPF or 30 or greater for maximum sun protection.

Pleasing Your Sweet Tooth

Consuming something sugary can definitely make you feel good. Unfortunately, it’s something that can make you look horrid, too. Sugar is known to cause inflammation, and inflammation is linked to accelerated skin aging.

Besides, a diet that’s high in sugar can increase your diabetes risk. The said disease can wreak havoc on your skin — it can cause dryness, sagging and wrinkling. However, that should be the least of your worries as poorly controlled diabetes can damage the nerves, eyes, kidneys and heart.

Long-Term Stress

Are you leading a very busy life every single day? Then don’t be surprised if you look older that your actual age — stress, especially the kind that’s left unmanaged, can age your skin really quickly.

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Make sure that you identify your various stressors and see which of them you can actually avoid. Also, don’t forget to engage in stress-relieving activities after a toxic day or week. It’s virtually impossible for you to run out of activities to try that can help relax not only your mind but also body.

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