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Surprising Health Benefits Provided by Dill Essential Oil

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The seeds and stems of the popular herb dill can undergo steam distillation in order to yield oil that kind of smells like grass and has a slightly watery consistency.

Possessing stomachic, carminative, sedative, galactagogue, antispasmodic and antimicrobial properties, dill essential oil can be used for relieving a number of health problems.

If you happen to have a bottle of therapeutic grade dill essential oil and you are wondering what sort of things that you can do with it, then continue reading.

It Helps Relieve Excess Gas

Massaging dill essential oil that’s diluted with your preferred carrier oil on your stomach can help provide relief from flatulence. This volatile oil with carminative properties works excellently for both adults and kids.

It Alleviates Abdominal Pain, Too

The same step mentioned above may be done if ever you are suffering from an achy tummy, especially the kind that’s spastic in nature. Dill essential oil has the ability to deal with unwanted contractions of the intestines.

It Puts an End to Muscle Spasms

Similarly, you may massage diluted dill essential oil on spastic muscles in your legs, arms or elsewhere in your body. Before you try popping a muscle relaxant in your mouth, consider giving dill essential oil a try.

It Also Helps Ward Off Muscle Cramps

Do you often wake up in the middle of the night due to muscle cramps? Prior to hitting the hay, try massaging a little dill essential oil that’s diluted with your preferred carrier oil to help put such nightly painful ordeal to an end.

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It Encourages a Good Night’s Sleep

Dill essential oil is revered for its sedating properties, which makes it excellent for individuals who are battling insomnia. You can use a diffuser or simply place a few drops of this essential oil on your pillow to for you to get some Z’s.

It Helps Lower Stress Levels

Whenever you’re feeling stressed, it’s a wonderful idea for you to take a whiff of dill essential oil. Doing so will help calm both your mind and body, thus allowing you to evade the complications of high levels of stress.

It Also Helps Reduce Your Anxiety

You may also count on dill essential oil when there are tons of anxious thoughts going through your mind. With its superb sedating properties, you can put an end to your anxiety without taking a relaxing drug that can come with side effects.

It Promotes Better Digestion

Traditional healers often recommend dill essential oil for dealing with poor digestion. The said essential oil that smells like grass helps improve digestion by increasing saliva and encouraging peristaltic movement of the GI tract.

It Prevents Skin Infection From Striking

A little dill essential oil may be applied if you cannot get your hands on a tube of skin antibiotic. Because of its ability to kill off microbes, dill essential oil can help keep minor wounds and burns from becoming infected.

It Speeds Up Wound Healing, Too

For thousands of years now, dill has been used as a vulnerary agent, which means it’s employed for accelerating wound healing. It comes as no surprise why oil obtained from it may actually be used for such purpose as well.

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It Promotes Milk Production

Lastly, dill essential oil may be used by nursing moms because it has galactagogue properties, which means it has the ability to increase the amount as well as quality of the milk a mother produces.

CAUTION: If you are pregnant or suffering from a medical condition, consult your doctor before using dill essential oil for therapeutic purposes.

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