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Natural Breast Enlargement Tips

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There has been a huge obsession when it comes to breast. People are leaning more to a round, firm and large breasts. The breast was originally designed for giving nutrition for babies, yet through the age the breast has become a part of a woman’s aesthetic. Women are even opting to go under the knife to get the breast size they desire. There is nothing wrong with going under the knife, your body your decision. Though to some, surgery can be too taxing. Not only is it expensive, it is also painful.

Some women are given the gift of naturally firm and round breasts. Others are given small sizes that at times can cause self-esteem issues. Women develop their breast during puberty and usually stops when we reach our early adulthood. Until we go into pregnancy or menopause, the size of our breast will likely stay the same.

You’ll notice a flood of different breast enlargement products on the market. It can come in different forms. There are hormonal injections, pills and creams. Though these products can at times have negative effects on the body.

If you want to go natural, there are different natural remedies that can help enlarge your breast. Natural remedies are effective over time. Unlike surgery or injections, these may take some time to have full effect.

Building the Pectoral Muscles

Exercising is not only good for increasing endurance and improving strength, but it can also improve our overall appearance. Lunges improve the legs and bottom, improving the legs and butt muscles. Creating leaner legs and a rounder bottom, creating a curvier figure. This can also work with breast. You can improve your breast appearance, making it larger and lessen sagging. Though to some people who gained breast size due to gain weight, building the pectoral muscle can decrease their breast size. For people with a thin frame or natural body weight this tip can help increase your breast size. Here are some exercise that can help with breast enlargement.

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Pushups: Basic push-ups can improve the chest, arm and pectoral muscles. You can perform regular pushup, elevated pushups or wall push-ups. Perform them for 13 to 15 sets to 3 sets, do this 3 to 5 times a week and you’ll see a huge difference within a month.

Chest Presses: Chest presses are great for firming up the muscles in the chest area and improving the overall appearance of the breast. Lie flat on your back and bend your knees. Lay your feet flat on the floor and hold onto a dumbbell in each hand. Bend your elbows at a ninety degree angle and raise forward until the dumbbells meet. Lower it again and you’ve just performed one rep. Do this 12 to 15 times for 3 to 5 sets, do this 3 to 5 times a week.

Weight Gain

If you’re thin, it’s good to consider gaining weight to increase breast size. Your breast is made out of fatty connective tissue. This is the same fat you can find all over your body. When we lose weight, we burn fat; we also lose the fatty tissue in our breast area. When you have small and thin frame, you can add more volume to your hip and breast area by gaining weight. Though, we are not advising you to go on an all-out weight gaining binge. Gaining weight in a short period of time can cause a lot of health problems. There is a safe way to increase your mass in a healthy way. Simply increase your calorie intake slowly for a week or two.

Good Posture

Bad posture can make the breast appear smaller. You can instantly make your breast appear larger by standing in a proper position. Keep your back and neck straight, keep your shoulder relax and your chin high.

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According to Thai traditional medicine, massaging your breast regularly can increase its size. Massaging will help stretch and firm up the breast tissue, making them appear bigger and firmer. It will also improve blood circulation in the chest area. Use natural oils to massage the breast.


A famous herb for breast enlargement is saw palmetto. Though there is no scientific proof for this remedy. It is said that the fatty acids and phytonutrients of the herb will improve breast tissue development.

These natural remedies may not work for everybody. Especially for women that have hereditary small breasts. There are other ways to improve your breast without performing medical procedures or enhancement products. You can apply makeup to improve the appearance of the breast or have a go at breast enhancing undergarments.

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