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Effective Treatment Strategies for HPV

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The most recent statistics from all over the world suggests
that HPV infection is still a serious medical issue. In the United States alone, there are up to 20 million Americans who suffer from this silent disease, thirty percent of which are transmitted via sexual intercourse. Although there are cases where HPV infection is asymptomatic, those who manifest signs and symptoms of infection feature genital warts and abnormal cell changes which may potentially lead to the development of cancer.
Although it is true that there is still no known cure for HPV, the infection still resolves itself in time. For those who are unfortunately plagued with HPV and still manifests signs and symptoms, prompt treatment is recommended. Recent medical breakthroughs have allowed pharmaceutical companies come up with a variety of HPV treatment options. The discovery of HPV vaccine also helped in effectively reducing the risk of men and women in catching the virus, thus ensuring that future generations become immune to a serious and deadly
medication condition.
Treatment for HPV is geared primarily to eradicate its symptoms than ultimate cure. The most common symptoms associated with an HPV infection are genital warts and proliferation of abnormal cells of the reproductive system/
For women who are diagnosed with HPV infection without
signs and symptoms the most effective treatment to reduce the development of cancer is through regular Pap smear exams. By close monitoring, patients gain the ability to detect cancer in its early stages. As we all known, cancer detected during its first state is easier to manage compared to those detected in the la
tter stages.
Colposcopy is yet another diagnostic procedure that doctors for patients to consider after positive HPV infection. This is somewhat similar to Pap smear, but is a more intensive examination of the reproductive system instead.
Patients who manifest signs and symptoms may choose from the following HPVtreatment strategies:
– The appearance of lesions within the cervical walls may be benign. In this case, patients are only advised to wait it out as these pre cancerous cell changes will heal on their own.
– Cryotherapy on the other hand is a process involving the freezing of warts with liquid nitrogen.
– Conizaition is yet another effective HPV treatment. By successful removal of abnormal areas, the skin is allowed to renew and rejuvenate to produce healthy skin cells within the affected area.
– Loop Electrosurgical Excision Procedure involves the use of electric current to remove warts and skin outgrowths as a result of HPV infection.
– Laser vaporization is the process by which lesions are excised successful from the affected skin region.
– Trichloracetic Acid is a chemical commonly applied on the surface of warts and functions to effectively melt of the warts within the pubic region.
Of course, the most effective means to remove signs of HPV infection is through surgery. Although more expensive than the procedures mentioned above, this HPV treatment strategy can guarantee removal of warts up to 90%. With all of these options, it is rather impossible for those suffering from HPV not
to seek the help that they need to get rid of this traumatizing condition altogether.
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