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Why Having a Garden is Good for You?

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People nowadays are spending more time outdoors, tending their gardens, to the point that many are wondering why putter around the yard when you can do something else entirely? Even those who are living in apartments or small spaces are starting to build their own garden which makes you wonder, why all the fuss about having a garden at home?

There are several reasons why having a garden is a great idea and one of them is that you will be able start living a healthy life because of it. It doesn’t matter whether you have a huge land to use up, or just your windowsill for that matter, gardening does prove to be beneficial to your overall health. Here are a few amazing benefits linked to it.

Makes you work out

Tending your garden and doing yard work can already be considered as a moderate-intensity kind of exercise which you really need to be doing at least half an hour a day. Although you might think that the activities that you are doing here are not the same as in the gym, you are still lifting heavy pots, transferring soil and such which means that you are moving around.

Fights depression

If you are not feeling well or are feeling blue, spending some time in the garden can help improve your mood. Although there are medications that can help improve your mood, they do come with side effects which makes people wary about them. This is not so when you go gardening. Transplanting plants, sowing seeds, pruning your favorite rose bush, all these activities can help lower your stress levels while improving your mood. You’ll be surprised that spending half an hour doing garden work will already make you feel better.

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Enjoy the outdoors

Children these days prefer to spend their free time indoors, glued to their computers or their smartphones and barely doing anything at all. Encouraging them to help you take care of your garden will not only make some bonding time with your kids, but you are also weaning them off their need for technology. What’s more, they will be happier being surrounded by plants and animals which can help improve their mood.

Heals the mind

Another benefit that is associated with dirt therapy or gardening is that it can actually improve one’s mind. Children who have special needs, or adults with brain disorders find some semblance of normalcy outdoors where they are exposed to comforting sights and sounds. You will find that many kids become more engaged with their surroundings especially when they get to explore.

Improve eating habits

Gardening is not just about flowering plants, but you can also start your own vegetable garden while you are at it. Just imagine having a fully functional vegetable garden on your yard where you can harvest leaves and fruits and crops and use them for your meals. This will also help encourage the youngsters to try healthy foods that they actually grew themselves.

Boosts sleep

What else can you get out of taking care of your garden? You’ll feel calmer and more relaxed which means that you will not have any trouble sleeping at night since your stress levels have gone down already. The physical activity that you are doing in the garden, combined with the scent of healthy plants and fresh air is sure to make you feel at peace.

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These are just a few benefits that you can get when you start making a garden on your own. For sure, once you get started with raising a plant, you’ll enjoy the rewarding aspect of seeing it flourish right before your eyes.

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