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Ways You Can Be Removing Your Makeup Wrong

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Taking your makeup can be a huge hassle but it is something we must do to maintain healthy skin. It can be a huge pain too, especially when removing eye makeup. All the scrubbing and rubbing in your lids can irritate the skin around your eyes. Well, here is a makeup removal secret. It’s not supposed to hurt. Removing your makeup should give your skin relief and not irritate it further. There are wrong ways and right ways to remove your makeup. Below are some common mistakes when it comes to makeup removal and how you can fix them.

 Scrubbing Your Eyes

When removing eye makeup, you don’t have to scrub your eyes raw. We usually apply waterproof eye makeup to keep it from smudging, but this product can be a hassle when it comes to removal. This products normally require oil type removers. Oil can help breakdown the pigment of the makeup making it slide ride off. When it comes to your eyeliner and mascara use oil based makeup remover. Place a small amount on your fingertips and massage it onto the lashes. Leave it on for about 10 seconds. Use water to or a small cotton pad to wipe it away. Using an oil type makeup remover will prevent you from pulling at your lashes and irritating the skin around your eyes.

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Forgetting To Remove Makeup

There are days where your bed is more inviting than your bathroom sink, but completely forgetting to remove your makeup is a huge beauty No-no. Even when you only apply BB or CC creams, leaving these products on your skin can damage your skin overnight. Your skin won’t be able to regenerate itself and leaving the pores clogged and unable to breathe. This can lead to breakouts, pimples and backheads.

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Cleansing after Makeup Removal

Cleansing your face after your remove your makeup can dry out your skin. Try cleansing your skin first, cleanse your face while you’re still wearing makeup while making sure not to smudge your eye liner and mascara. Removing any excess oil and dirt on the skin before applying makeup remover can guarantee a deeper clean and completely removing makeup from the pores.

Mascara Smudges in the Morning

Even after removing your makeup at night you somehow still wakeup with mascara or eyeliner smudges in your eyes in the morning. This is because you didn’t properly remove all your eye makeup last night. Eye makeup such as mascara and eyeliner are highly pigmented and can attach to the skin. You can easily fix this problem by soaking a small cotton pad with makeup remover and placing it on the eyelid. Leave it on for 2 minutes and wash it off with water.

Makeup Wipes

You can use makeup wipes for those days that you really can’t seem to drag your body off the bed. It’s not made for everyday makeup removal. Makeup wipes are only made to remove surface layers of your makeup, it still leaves some dirt and makeup on your skin. Don’t substitute a proper cleansing and makeup removal routine.

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As much as you want to jump into bed and sleep, it’s important to wash off your makeup every night. Even on the days you didn’t wear any makeup. Cleaning the pores will prevent dead skin cell and oil build up on the skin. It will also remove bacteria on the face that you’ve accumulated through the day. Always wash your face before you go to bed, make this an essential hygiene habit.

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