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Sea Salt: An Affordable, Healthy and Edible Way of Becoming More Beautiful

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Health is wealth and natural and organic is always the best way to go. Sea salt is a wonderful thing, not only is it an incredibly cheap, bountiful and yummy, light tasting salt but it’s good for your skin (along with brown sugar and honey). That’s why being by the beach makes one healthier and more youthful. Your skin if moisturized well gets tighter and glows more. The salty beach sand is also made of ground up minerals and all that salt in the water as well helps draw out toxins out of your body, improves your overall circulation and even cell growth. It feels like the beach and sea kissed you and you never knew your skin could breathe.

It contains soothing and relaxing qualities making it a staple in spa treatments. Sea salt aids in muscle relaxation, skin care, even wound disinfecting and rheumatoid arthritis. It has healing properties by balancing the body’s acid-alkali balance promoting good sleep, regular heartbeat and a more functional system over all which is why having some salty food after being tired can wake you up a bit. It is far less salty and far healthier than iodized salt which is quite bad for you and is even more expensive.

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Sea salt and sugar like to be mixed with other natural ingredients and become effective beauty treatments, keeping our skin baby soft and smooth. They are grainy crystals so they like riding on oils. Olive oil and coconut oil are the best and also delicious and healthy. You can also mix it up by adding a few drops of very fragrant essential oils like lavender, mint, citrus or whatever else smells pretty.These oils penetrate the skin well, that’s why it’s also great to cook with them. Olive oil and coconut oil both help with blemishes but coconut oil has real strong anti-aging properties. Grapeseed oil is wonderfully neutral and plain and there are nut oils to choose from if you like it pricy.

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Coconut milk nourishes and hydrates as well, citrus zest are great for adding extra zing and brightens in the smell. I believe that even smelling citrus helps wake you up, and adding some in the mixture contributes Vitamin C content.

Sprinkle it on your dinner before or after you try one or both of these yummy, nourishing body salt scrubs! Simply by combining different natural ingredients that are edible, these are the safest you can put on your skin.

Recipe #1: Basic Sea Salt- Citrus Body Scrub

Another version of this body scrub is using brown sugar instead of sea salt, but you can use however much amounts of brown sugar and sea salt you think your skin would like. But anyways here is a quick recipe for all salt.

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All the ingredients you need id olive oil, EVOO as much as possible, fine or semi-coarse sea salt, a citrus fruit of your choice to make it fun! All this has to be wrapped in a bowl with a spoon, a grater on the side for the citrus and some measuring cups.

Have half a cup of sea salt in a big bowl as you pour ¾ cup of olive oil or a little less.You can half or quarter this amount if you are just experimenting. Wash your fruit and grate in as much zest as you like and you think your skin could take. Around a teaspoon is good more or less.

Transfer it all in a rightful storage container. Lather all over your skin and don’t scrub too hard for salt and sugar crystals are abrasive things, these natural mixtures work well and work better, after 5-10 minutes of lathering and massaging the scrub all over rinse off with warm water if possible.

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You will feel so soft and clean right away! You can even wash with a little bit of gentle liquid soap just to take out excess olive oil.

Recipe#2: Quick & Easy Salt Coconut Scrub

All you need here is extra-virgin coconut oil, unsweetened and preferably fresher coconut milk and of course our sea salt.

This is a very lumpy, chunky texture that is also meant to smoothen and soften. Put in a hefty one cup of sea salt in a big bowl yet again and proceed to add 2 tablespoons of that wonderful coconut oil and a quarter cup of coconut milk. You can add more coconut oil if you want unless you want it very salt-heavy in case you have a lot of dead skin.

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Hope you had fun with that little insight, remember that organic, edible things also make the best cosmetic products!


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